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Category: Natural Remedies

Scoliosis Pain Relief

8 Health Tips for Scoliosis Pain Relief

Scoliosis is a spine disorder that causes curving of the spine. It can be both, visible and not visible with naked eye, and both, painful and painless. In either way, people with scoliosis should make …
bay leaf oil

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Bay Leaf Oil

Bay leaf oil has countless benefits. It has great flavor and ability to improve blood circulation and fight infections. Best part of all, it’s very easy to make your own! The most important thing when …
honey aspirin face mask

Homemade Exfoliating Honey Aspirin Face Mask

Due to the aspirin’s compounds and the properties of organic honey, you can make a homemade exfoliating honey – aspirin face mask with many benefits. The cosmetic industry has developed thousands of beauty products to …

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