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Category: Mental Health

What is Agoraphobia

What is Agoraphobia? Signs and Symptoms

Many different entities have taken on the task of describing the symptoms of agoraphobia. However, they’ve all found that it’s quite a complex disease that each person may experience in different ways. If we had …
Self-Harming Teenagers

How to Deal with Self-Harming Teenagers

Unfortunately, cases of self-harming teenagers have become quite common. Factors such as the family situation, social context, or excessive use of new technologies have contributed to the increasing number of cases. Below, we’ll reflect on …
Types of Anxiety Disorders

5 Major Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are a specific category of mental illness categorized by significant fear or worry that won’t seem to subside. Sometimes the fear or anxious symptoms become progressively worse with time. With anxiety disorders, the …
Types of Personality Disorder

5 Most Common Types of Personality Disorder

A personality disorder is a condition that causes maladaptive disturbances in an individual’s thought processes, emotional processing, and behaviors. The personality disorder has been grouped into three main types. Suspicious personality disorders are those that …