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Category: Natural Remedies

Treat Hot Flashes Naturally

5 Home Remedies to Treat Hot Flashes Naturally

Hot flashes are characterized by a sensation of heat that can be accompanied by profuse sweating, reddening of the skin and heart palpitations. They are related to the hormonal changes that women experience in stages …
Treat Phlebitis Naturally

5 Home Remedies to Treat Phlebitis Naturally

Phlebitis is a disease that affects your blood circulation and can bring more serious complications to your body. As with most pain, you can treat phlebitis by staying active and healthy. However, there are genetic …
Treat Esophagitis Naturally

4 Home Remedies to Treat Esophagitis Naturally

Esophagitis is an inflammatory condition that produces lesions in the tissues of the esophagus (oesophagus). The esophagitis is the digestive tube which transports food from the mouth to the stomach. In this article, you’ll learn …
Home Remedies for Hives

3 Effective Home Remedies for Hives

Hives is a very common skin condition that you can get at any age. It manifests as red, raised, itchy bumps that are really annoying. But have you ever heard of the home remedies for …
How to Increase Red Blood Cells Naturally

How to Increase Red Blood Cells Naturally

Red blood cells have a very important function for our body: to transport oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. Therefore, it is essential to keep them at healthy levels. In this article we tell you how …