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Air Purifying Plants – The Best Houseplants that can Clean the Air in Your Home

What are the best air purifying plants that can lower the risks against our health save as from pollution? According to statistics Americans spend about 90% of their time inside which is a lot! And believe it or not the pollution in your office or at home can be worse than the pollution outside. This is why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks for our health.

These astonishing facts led Kamal Meattle to research if there is a way to improve the air quality indoor and which is the best way to do it. His research led him to three common houseplants which can do this quite effectively if they are placed strategically in your house or office.

According to his study this is where you should put the air purifying plants and how many you need to improve the air quality.

The Best Air Purifying Plants

  • The “Living Room Plant” or Areca Palm is a daytime oxygen factory and he recommends planting 4 shoulder height plants per person.
  • “The Bedroom Plant” or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is an evening oxygen factory and he recommends planting 6-8 waist-high plants per person.
  • “The specialist Plant” or Money Plant filters formaldehyde and other volatile organic chemicals from the air, purifying it.

In addition to these three air purifying plants, latest studies have discovered 5 more plants which are excellent air purifiers. These air purifying plants are: the Purple waffle plant, English ivy, Variegated wax plant, Asparagus fern and the Purple Heart plant.

Are you ready for a breath of fresh air inside your very own house? Even NASA advises people to have at least 1 house plant for every 100 square feet of your home. But not just any plant, you need a decent sized plant in a 6 to 8-inch diameter container and you can enjoy fresh air at home.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks which can help you grow these air purifying plants:

Via: MindBodyGreen

Image: DiynCrafts

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