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Alpine Diet – Burn Fat and Lose Weight, Without Flabby Skin and Malnourished Face

Alpine diet is one of the best diets when you are on a weight loss program. Alpine diet is suitable for all those who fit the following rhythm: the duration of this diet is one week every month during the year.
But the results are better than any other diet, because with this diet you will lose weight and latter you will not have any problems with flabby skin, malnourished face and aggravated blood.

Alpine Diet

Suggestion for daily menu in three variants that you can combine at will:

First breakfast:

A. Cup of milk, 1 egg, 50 g integral bread (rye or multigrain bread),

B. Coffee with milk, 100 g ham, 50 g integral bread,

C. Coffee with milk, 2 eggs, 100 grams of integral bread, a few radishes.

Second breakfast:

A. Apple,

B. ½ cup vegetable juice,

C. Fruit 100g.

Alpine Diet


A. Carrot juice, non-fat baked fish 200 g, lettuce and 100g baked or boiled potatoes,

B. Kefir, roasted beef steak 200 g, 100 g cooked potatoes flavored with chopped fresh parsley, pickled cabbage, beets,

C. Vegetable juice, 250 grams roasted or boiled chicken, 100 grams baked potatoes, salad with carrots, spinach.


A. Low fat cottage cheese 100g, tomato salad with radishes, integral bread 50 g, green tea without sugar,

B. Roasted fish 100g, lettuce, rye bread 50 g, rosehip tea without sugar,

C. 100 g cheese, 50 g rye bread, tomato juice.

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