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Read About the Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea

Chinese people said that it is better to spend 3 days without food then 1 day without tea. This 5000 years old proverb will seem reasonable to you at the moment when you will better understand the positive effects and benefits of green tea.

It could be served with or without lemon; you can mix it with other aromatic plants in order to mitigate its bitter taste.

This tea possesses great anticancer effects, it stops the atherosclerosis development, it prevents some heart diseases, it improves the metabolism and it helps the fat burning. The green tea contains fluorides which are stopping the caries development. It is also rich with antioxidants and it very commonly used at therapies of infections, colds and flues or other viral caused diseases.

This fabulous plant is able to stop the growth of carcinoma cells and it is proved that the regular consummation of this popular tea prevents the appearance of the cancer of ovaries, colon, and esophagus. It is very useful at treatment of carcinoma of bladder, lung cancer, carcinoma of prostate and skin cancer.

Read About the Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea

Japanese people are also very fond of green tea and statistically it is shown that there is a lowest percentage of cancer suffering people. The similar results are shown also at other eastern Asian countries which nations have a traditional habit of drinking this refreshing drink.

Some solutions of tea and water and other ingredients are used to treat different viral infections: herpes, warts etc. Many oral infections could be treated by consummation of this tea by flushing the infected area. There is also an interesting fact that green tea could increase your blood pressure!

The basic benefits of green tea is increasing of the wakefulness and the cognitive capacities. The most energy drinks are actually combination of caffeine and sugar which are stimulating substances and “fuel” which role is to increase the cognitive capacity.

Antioxidants which are contained into this healthy plant are ten times more effective than vitamins C and E. They are fighting the free radicals and thus they are preventing the cancer appearance.

Some studies are referring that the combination of green tea and caffeine improves the process of fat burning and they are supporting the regulation of the body mass. It is proved that people which are consuming at least a cup of tea daily have lower cholesterol level than the others. The reason is capability of this drink to stop the input of cholesterol into the intestines and promoting its extraction out of human body.

It cleans the mouth cavity and it disinfects it.

The positive effects of the consummation of green tea drinks are noted at treatments of asthma and bronchitis by its effect of relaxing the bronchia.

Scientific researchers proved that consuming this magical drink helps at preventing the breast cancer reappearance at women which are in pre-menopause life stage. Drinking 5 cups of this tea daily at the early stages of this malicious cancer they achieved significantly to decrease the risk of reappearance of the disease after the therapy treatment. It is also true that it doesn’t work at later stages of this disease.

It should be consumed 300-400 mg of polyphenol daily (polyphenol is active substance contained into the green tea). One cup of tea contains about 80mg of polyphenol.

There are also some cautions about consummation of this healthy drink.

Usually green tea decreases the iron consumption into the blood so it is not recommended to drink this tea during anemia.

In case of increased consumption of cola drinks, guarana drinks, coffee and other artificial energy drinks it is already forbidden to consume green tea because of possible health danger. It is possible to cause over stimulation of the organism which could lead to increased heartbeat, increased blood pressure, enhanced liquid excretion, insomnia, appetite loss etc.

Also green tea is forbidden to be used by people which are allergic to caffeine people suffering insomnia, epilepsy etc.

Via: HealthLine | WebMD

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