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Mizuna Lettuce: Benefits, Nutrition and Preparation

Mizuna lettuce is an organic vegetable that can be used to make different vegetable dishes, such as salads. It is characterized by its contribution of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances , as well as its concentration in vitamins. For this reason it is advisable to include it in the diet.

It is one of the most common vegetables in most of the prepared salads that are marketed at an industrial level. However, very few people identify this edible.

Nutrients and vitamins of mizuna

The first thing to do is define the specific appearance of the mizuna. It is a three-leaf vegetable that is marketed in green shoots. It is usually offered packaged, which guarantees its freshness.

From the nutritional point of view, it is necessary to highlight the content of vitamin C and vitamin A. In addition, it has micronutrients of group B and some minerals in lower proportions. Now, what really stands out is antioxidants.

This type of vegetable concentrates a large amount of phytonutrients inside. These elements are capable of neutralizing the formation of free radicals, thus helping to maintain homeostasis. On the other hand, they are also important to modulate inflammatory states.

Finally, the contribution of fiber that mizuna provides cannot be ignored. This substance is essential to achieve good intestinal health.

Health Benefits of Mizuna Lettuce

Now we are going to comment on the main health benefits that are obtained from the introduction of mizuna in the usual diet. This, as long as the eating plan is varied and balanced.

1. Immune system improvement

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system. Maintaining its levels in the appropriate range contributes to reducing the incidence of many infectious diseases , such as respiratory diseases. This is evidenced by research published in Frontiers in Immunology.

2. Helps to have healthy skin

The vitamin A content of mizuna is key to preventing problems related to skin health, according to a study published in Nutrition in Clinical Practice. Not only does it accelerate wound healing, it prepares the tissue for exposure to sunlight. In this way, the damage associated with ultraviolet radiation is minimized.

3. Delays aging

Nutrients with antioxidant capacity are determining elements in the prevention of aging. The neutralization of free radicals prevents their accumulation in the tissues, which generates protection against the development of pathologies and inefficiencies at the physiological level.

According to a review published in the journal Current Aging Science, the regular inclusion of a generous amount of compounds with antioxidant activity in the diet is considered one of the most efficient routes to slow aging.

4. Prevents the development of intestinal problems

Fiber is a compound that helps improve intestinal health. It is a non-digestible element that increases the volume of the fecal bolus, thus stimulating transit and serving as an energy substrate for the bacteria that make up the microbiota.

Possible risks of consumption

The only risk derived from consuming mizuna has to do with eating the vegetable without washing it properly beforehand. To get rid of the remains of dirt or earth, it is enough to clean it with fresh water under the tap.

However, when it is marketed in supermarkets, it is usually done under a packaging method, so the previous cleaning processes have already been applied.

Salad with mizuna

The best way to include mizuna in the diet are salads, accompanied by other vegetables that also provide quality nutrients. It is possible to prepare green juices as well, but in this way the fibers are mechanically destroyed.


  • 1 tomato,
  • 1 onion,
  • 1/2 lettuce,
  • sprouts of mizuna,
  • sunflower seeds to taste,
  • a tub of fresh cheese,
  • extra virgin olive oil and salt.


To prepare the mizuna salad you need to start by washing all the vegetables well under the tap. Both mizuna and lettuce should be cut by hand into relatively small pieces. The tomato and onion are diced with a knife.

All these elements are introduced into a bowl, sprinkling a couple of tablespoons of sunflower seeds. On top, some slices of fresh cheese are placed and it is finished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and salt to taste. It is also possible to add other complementary spices, such as oregano.

Mizuna Lettuce: a healthy vegetable

Mizuna has beneficial health properties, especially when it is included in the context of a balanced and varied diet. It supposes a contribution of high quality antioxidants and vitamins, key elements for the prevention of many chronic and complex diseases.

In addition, it is a vegetable to which almost everyone has access. It is usually sold packaged in bags, which guarantees its freshness and durability. It is inexpensive and versatile on a culinary level.

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