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8 Calcium-Rich Foods to Strengthen Your Bones Naturally

In addition to including these calcium-rich foods in your diet, you mustn’t forget that vitamin D is essential for your bones to absorb calcium properly.

Your skeletal system is a complex structure which is linked up by ligaments, tendons and cartilage. It participates in several essential functions of the body. Its principal task is to provide support and mobility to the body so that it can carry out countless activities.

In addition, it also plays a role in the production of red and white blood cells and in storing a significant number of nutrients.

However, it is exposed to a great number of factors that can deteriorate it. As a consequence, we may experience ailments and illnesses that are difficult to treat due to their complexity. Plus, they affect our quality of life.

The good news is that these conditions are preventable by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and increasing the intake of certain calcium-rich foods that help to strengthen the bones.

calcium-rich foods

8 Calcium-Rich Foods to Strengthen Your Bones Naturally

Since many people are interested in this subject, today we want to dedicate this article to 8 calcium-rich foods that benefit your bones.

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best foods for maintaining good bone health. Apart from vitamins and minerals, they also contain essential amino acids.

The yolk contains a significant quantity of calcium, which contributes to maintaining bone density.

However, the greatest concentration of this mineral is found in the shells. While not so pleasant to eat, you can grind them up and add them to many recipes.

2. Spinach

This green vegetable isn’t just a significant source of antioxidants. In addition, it’s also one of the most calcium-rich vegetables.

Each 100 g of fresh spinach (around 3 cups) contributes 210 mg of calcium. However, this quantity can reduce to around 158 mg after cooking.

The best option is to include it raw in smoothies and salads in order to fully enjoy its properties.

3. Fish

Oily fish are a very complete food for strengthening your bones because they contain calcium and vitamin D. These essential nutrients are key to conserving bone density and preventing the premature deterioration of the ligaments and tendons.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that they are one of the principal sources of omega 3 fatty acids. This is a type of healthy fat that fights inflammation and premature aging.

The best varieties include:

  • Sardines
  • Salmon
  • Herring
  • Cod
  • Tuna

4. Soy milk

Soy milk is one of the vegetable milks that has become famous as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk.

It contains essential fatty acids, proteins and dietary fiber. Together, these offer a wide variety of health benefits.

It also contains a significant concentration of calcium, which your body actually absorbs more easily thanks to soy milk’s phytoestrogen content.

It is one of the most highly recommended foods for women going through the menopause because it helps to control the symptoms and prevents the loss of bone density.

5. Onions

Onions are a low-calorie food that have been recommended for decades as an ally for the health of the whole body.

They contain vitamins, oligoelements and amino acids that contribute to strengthening bone and joint health.

Their calcium content, as well as antioxidants, helps to prevent the premature deterioration of the bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

6. Chickpeas

In addition, chickpeas are low-calorie legumes that provide between 130 and 134 mg of calcium for every 100 g (half a cup).

Including them in a balanced diet strengthens your bones and reduces your risk of inflammatory problems.

7. Cheese

As a dairy product, cheese is a significant source of calcium. It can contribute to strengthening the skeletal system and preventing it from deteriorating prematurely.

However, it is also rich in fat and calories, so it’s not advisable to eat cheese excessively nor often.

8. Yogurt

Natural yogurt is a food that provides us with significant quantities of vitamin D and calcium. These are two essential nutrients for bone health.

A portion of non-fat yogurt can provide up to 30% of calcium. In addition to this, it also provides probiotics. This means that it is also ideal for balancing the bacterial flora of the intestines.

Are you worried about your bone health? Include these foods in your diet regularly and give your body a boost of nutrients to protect your bones.

Via: HealthLine | Health | HealthBeckon

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