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Unique Cancer Fighting Juice Recipe that Destroys the Insidious Breast Cancer

Even the fatal breast cancer can be destroyed by an incredible and completely natural cancer fighting juice recipe. Breast cancer is one of the most terrible diseases from which all women fear. However, scientists have figured out how to counteract the insidious cancer with entirely natural products.

The unique cancer fighting juice recipe made of incredible natural substances of fruits, vegetables, roots of plants and herbs, completely destroys the malignant breast cancer. The method is fully healthy and did not cause any toxic effects, report the oncologists from New Orleans.

Magical substances against breast cancer are found in broccoli, apples, arugula, tofu, grapes and roots of turmeric and ginger. They are: isoflavones from the soy beans, curcumin from turmeric, indole-3-carbinol from the broccoli, kale and cauliflower, resveratrol from grapes, C-phycocyanin from spirulina and quercetin – a flavonoid from fruits, vegetables and tea.

Broccoli and even more so, broccoli sprouts, have also emerged as powerful cancer fighters. Sulforaphane, a type of isothiocyanate compound found in broccoli, has been found to potentially help treat breast cancer by targeting cancer stem cells, which fuel the growth of tumors. The isothiocyanate in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli sparks hundreds of genetic changes, activating some genes that fight cancer and switching off others that fuel tumors.

Turmeric – Curcumin is capable of modifying genetic expression and activity by eliminating cancer cells and supporting proper cell function. In addition, it supports anti-angiogensis which means that it doesn’t allow the system to provide extra blood supply for the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Arugula – This little vegetable with a nutty, peppery flavor is loaded with health promoting phytochemicals and vitamins and thus makes a great substitute for lettuce. Arugula provides a great source of glucosinolates which turn into isothiocyanates when the plant is chewed. Isothiocyanates have been shown to neutralize carcinogic substances and to inhibit cancer cell proliferation. The high concentration of chlorophyll, a plant pigment with proven anti-cancer properties, may also contribute to the potential breast cancer fighting activities of arugula. What’s more, arugula contains large amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Kale – The health benefits of kale are wide and varied, but when it comes to foods that pack an anti-cancer punch, it is almost impossible to beat kale. Kale is packed with cancer fighting nutrients such as beta-carotene (kale contains ten times the beta-carotene of broccoli, which is known for being rich in beta-carotene). Research shows that premenopausal women who consume at least 2 servings of beta-carotene rich foods, such as carrots and kale, per day have 17% lower risk of developing breast cancer.

All this ingredients combined together can help the fight against the insidious breast cancer. It must be known that each of these substances cannot fight alone with the malicious disease, but if a juice from all of the compounds is prepared the cancerous cells die rapidly.

This amazing cancer fighting juice recipe cures not only the breast cancer, but also the cancers of the ovaries. That is why it is very important and valuable for the women.

There is no precise recipe for the cocktail, the amount of the ingredients can be combined as you wish, use your juicer for preparation. The only thing that it is important is to use all the ingredients.

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