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Category: Herbs & Oils

Carrot Seed Oil Benefits

Carrot Seed Oil Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Although carrot seed oil has been removed from the orange ubiquitous vegetable it should not be replaced by mistake with the macerated carrot oil which is cheaper. This essential oil has healing natural properties, that …
Health Benefits of Sage Herb

6 Impressive Health Benefits of Sage Herb

Sage is a Mediterranean plant that is useful in many situations because of its many properties. The properties of sage herb are special because they are used for medical treatments as well as for culinary …
Health Benefits of Wormwood

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Wormwood

Wormwood is a sour medicinal plant that stands out because of its digestive, anti-inflammatory, and toning properties, in addition to many more. It’s important to know that, despite its flavor, the benefits of wormwood for …
Health Benefits of Cilantro

7 Proven Health Benefits of Cilantro

Have you ever heard about the many health benefits of cilantro? Also known as Chinese parsley, it is a plant with straight stems and green leaves. All of its parts are edible and therefore, it …