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DIY Homemade Air Conditioner – Cheap and Easy!

The Homemade Air Conditioner unit can also produce very cold air. The temperature will drop to 42 degrees Fahrenheit in an 80F room.

What are the advantages of this air conditioner which is homemade over the one that is manufactured?

Well, the advantages are quite a few:

  • it is easy to transport,
  • it doesn’t make noise, this means that you can do whatever you want in the room and you won’t be distracted by the noise of the flow of the air,
  • it doesn’t cost much and it you will have fun making one,
  • it doesn’t s take much space, and
  • you can choose which power-supply you will use!

Homemade Air Conditioner

These are the thing you need to set it:

  • one chest for ice (styrofoam or hard-sided),
  • one pipe (pvc),
  • one quiet small fan and
  • Ice


  • First draw two circles on the top of the ice chest that match the circumferences of the fan and the pvc pipe.
  • Then cut off these circles. Check if the holes are big enough to give a nice snug fit for the fan and the pipe.
  • Turn on the fan. There you are – easy!

There are 3 ways to power it:

  1. via a solar panel (as it shown in the video),
  2. via a battery or
  3. via an automobile (using 12v socket “cig. plug”)

Technical specifications are these: The fan is 12VDC 10w 0.8A. Solar panel is 15 watt (1 amp).

You should know that in this air cooler the cooling power which comes extra from the styrofoam chest with ice is combined with durability of the bucket cooler of the air of 5 gallons.

You can very easily switch between the battery and the solar panel for powering. Choose the power supply that is easier for you to use!

Which is the most suitable climate for the usage of the air cooler?

Because of the fact that dry air gets cooled faster and easier than humid the air conditioner works better in climates that are dry or semi-dry. During the test the temperature of the air is 80F (with 4% relative humidity). 5 hours was the time that the used ice blocks lasted (they can last up to 10 hours if the blocks are larger).

Why it is better to have a homemade air conditioner and not one that is bought?

This homemade air conditioner that is DIY is super if you want the space to be cooled in a healthier way. You can feel the air flow bringing a nice cool fresh breeze in your room every time you use it. And this is the most important thing about it:

Unlike fabricated air-conditioners, this homemade one is not a host of bacteria and viruses that aggressively attack your respiratory tract. Children are especially affected!

Tips for running your air cooler smoothly:

Using two sets of water bottles instead of ice blocks is more convenient: each set should contain about 6 water bottles.  What you do is shifting the two sets: when the first set melts, put the other set in the cooler and put the melted set in the freezer.  By the time the other set melts, the set you put in the freezer will have frozen again.

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