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Drink For Melting Body Fat Prepared From Only 2 Ingredients

Highly effective drink for people who struggle with excess stomach fat and tried everything to get rid of it but there was still no result! Miraculous combination of ingredients with powerful potential for melting body fat. Those of you who will try will experience immediately its incredible result and will share with those who really need it.

Make a simple and natural drink for melting body fat easily. Celery and lemon make a perfect duo that stimulates digestion and burn fat. This drink will soothe your stomach after eating foods that disturb the digestive tract.

You only need two ingredients, and most probably you already have these at home.

Drink For Melting Body Fat Prepared From Only 2 Ingredients

Introducing celery on daily basis will prove effective for reducing stomach fat. Celery contains very low amount of calories and it is full of antioxidants as well as numerous minerals and vitamins. These nutrients help in easing water retention without causing tummy discomfort and bloating.

Lemon helps in flushing out toxins from your body, something that will play a crucial role in speeding up the melting of belly fat. The increased melting of belly fat is a consequent of flushing out impurities from the system.

Two ingredient drink for melting body fat

Ingredients needed:

14 oz / 400 grams celery root

2.2 lbs / 1 kg lemon


Shred 400g of celery root. Add 67 oz / 2l of water and shred the lemon peel. Cook for about 20 minutes and let the mixture rest and cool for 5-6 hours. Juice 1 kg of lemons, and add the juice to the mixture. Strain using a sieve and keep the juice in glass bottles.


Drink this juice for melting body fat three times a day, before your meals. Drink 3.3 oz / 100 ml each time, and you can also dissolve the juice in some water. Keep the drink for melting body fat in your fridge.

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