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5 Impressive Health Benefits of Elderberry Syrup

Products made from the elderberry plant can be beneficial to health in many ways. Elderberry is a medicinal plant used to treat many health conditions, and is one of the oldest and most common natural remedies in use.

Elderberry is known as one of the main antiviral herbs, and its healing abilities were well known among ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The berries and flowers of the elderberry plant contain essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants.

Many parts of the elderberry tree can be used for medicinal purposes, including the berries, flowers, leaves, and bark.

Health Benefits of Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is available from many reputable companies or can be made at home fairly easily. Learn about the health benefits of elderberry syrup now.

1. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the main contributing factors in the development of many chronic diseases. The use of elderberries and elderberry syrup reduces inflammation as well as arthritic or rheumatic pain.

The plant has anti-inflammatory properties, which are very beneficial in the prevention and treatment of many illnesses. It contains a high concentration of flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Elderberry is also a rich source of vitamins A and C, and bioflavonoids, which all have an anti-inflammatory effect. Many human and animal studies have proven the anti-inflammatory effects of the elderberry plant in its various forms of medicine, particularly syrup.

2. Helps Manage Diabetes

The ingredients in elderberry syrup have traditionally been used to treat many health conditions like diabetes. The flowers and berries of the elderberry plant in elderberry syrup help manage diabetes by stimulating insulin secretion and glucose metabolism.

This helps treat diabetes by providing better control over blood sugar, which is a key component in the management of diabetes. The results of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition found extracts of elderberry improved the process of glycogenesis.

This is the body’s way of removing excess sugar from the bloodstream to maintain normal levels of blood sugar. Another study of rats with type 2 diabetes found bioactive compounds found in elderberries, which again make an appearance in many syrups, can lower insulin resistance.

The antioxidants in elderberry syrup may also help combat oxidative stress, which can lead to the development of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.

3. Treats Upper Respiratory Conditions

Research has shown the ability of elderberries and their syrup to treat and reduce symptoms of upper respiratory conditions like bronchitis. Elderberry treats upper respiratory conditions through its immunomodulatory properties, which treat viral infections of the respiratory tract and relieve symptoms like nasal congestion and coughing.

Elderberry syrup reduces mucous secretions and swelling of the respiratory passages to ease breathing and discomfort. Elderberry’s antiviral effect may also work against respiratory pathogens responsible for upper respiratory conditions.

Elderberry syrup administered to patients with upper respiratory conditions in research studies was shown to improve symptoms after three to four days. It’s also recommended as a treatment for asthma.

4. Alleviates Flu Symptoms

Elderberry syrup alleviates flu symptoms like fever, sore throat, fatigue, chills, and muscle aches if taken within the first forty-eight hours of having the flu.

According to the Journal of International Medical Research, it also shortens the length of influenza by about three to four days.

Additional research has also shown the extract’s ability to inhibit influenza A and B viruses. Another study of participants who took the extract for two days showed a marked improvement of flu symptoms after twenty-four hours.

Studies have also been done on frequent flyers that showed how elderberry could shorten the duration of flu and lessen the severity of symptoms.

5. Promotes a Healthy Immune System

Elderberry syrup promotes a healthy immune system and helps fight disease. It regulates cytokines, which are chemicals that communicate the existence of an infection or virus.

Elderberry is a source of antioxidants known as flavonoids., which give the immune system a lift by raising antioxidant levels. Flavonoids also help ward off pathogens and allergens. Research has demonstrated the plant extract’s ability to inhibit viruses and block infection.

Elderberry syrup contains vitamins A and C, which are important components in the overall maintenance of good health. Regular consumption can help to prevent all kinds of diseases, whether chronic or acute.

Via: OnTheTable | FarmersAlmanac

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