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Essiac Tea – Cancer Cure Kept as a Secret for Over 100 years!

Are you familiar with a tea that helps to cure cancer? A simple tea with 4 herbs will help you. It is also assumed to have potential against AIDs. Essiac tea appeared in Canada in the early 1920s.

Rene Caisse, a nurse, used this tea for over half a century for patients suffering from terminal cancer coming to her clinic located in a small village called Bracebridge, near Toronto.

She was paid in things that the patients were able to give – from eggs to any products. She never turned away any patient. This continued until 1937 when she stopped charging anything. She continued to successfully treat lots of patients without asking for money for this special tea.

But she did not get any help from the government (Canadian Health Ministry) or from any pharmaceutical industry to continue to spread her tea to the people. She got only harassment and betrayal. She was betrayed by one private corporation, from which she asked from help make the Essiac tea a legal cure.

It is valuable to mention that the name ‘Essiac’ could have come from spelling ‘Caisse’ backwards, it originates from an Ojibwa Native American who was a medicine man that lived in the extreme northern boarders of Canada. He formulated its ingredients and recipe.

Origin of Essiac Tea

In the early 1920s Rene Caisse was RN in one hospital in Canada. She met a person who survived and got rid of the breast cancer 30 years ago. When she had cancer, she lived with her husband in a far off remote part mining camp in northern Canada. When she was taken to a hospital, the doctors informed her that her breasts needed to be removed. She did not want to go to the surgery and returned to the camp.

There was a medicine man who was Ojibwa in the area of the camp who had earlier told her that her cancer could be cured. He explained her the treatment: which are the herbs how to pick and culture and in which way to make the tea. The lady followed all his instructions and in a few months her cancer was gone. She lived another 30 years afterwards. She met Caisse when she was old.

Essiac Tea - Cancer Cure Kept as a Secret for Over 100 years!

Because at that time Caisse’s step father and aunt had cancer she was interested in the tea. She asked the elderly lady about how to prepare the tea. She learned about the ingredients of the Ojbway medicine and the recipe. Caisse successfully treated her aunt and step father’s cancer. Her stepfather took a little more time but he was eventually cured of it.

Because of her continued success against cancer, her town (Bracebridge) residents allowed her in 1933 to run her clinic from the closed British Lion Hotel for just a dollar as monthly rent.

From 1934-42 the cancer clinic carried on the work from this place. She treated hundreds of cancer patients and charged almost nothing. She continued cultivating the herbs and brewed the tea there and gave it in both oral and injection form.

But the Canadian authorities kept harassing her and created controversies around her. According to Caisse, it was the Bracebridge Town Council together with many famous doctors and the patients who helped and protected her from the government and from arresting.

She had also cured patients suffering from diabetes. Caisse was amazed by how the tea also cured diabetes. Because of all the support, the nurse was allowed to treat her cancer patients (from 1937) under medical attention with the following protocol:

  • She treated only terminally ill patients
  • She had a licensed medical doctor for prognosis and diagnosis
  • She didn’t take any payment for her help

In accordance with Caisse, she never considered of providing her services in the 50-plus years of hardships that she faced for any personal gains.

Caisse successfully helped to lots of cancer patients. There are many testimonies for that. Still people were not allowed to learn about this tea. In 1977, the nurse made an attempt to show it to the public (a year before her death). She contacted Resperin. She thought that this company will help her to legalize the Essiac tea. She came into a deal and then she was put a side, and was told that there was no longer any role for her to play.

Actually, Resperin was in the control of the Canadian government. The result was that the formula and all information about it vanished in thin air.

In the U.S., Dr. Gary Glum learned about the healing benefits of the Essiac tea and began his research to find the formula for the recipe. He was a well established chiropractor in California who was renowned for treating stop global athletes.

During his search he met a person in Detroit (who maintained her anonymity). She had been cured thanks to the Essiac tea after being diagnosed with cervical cancer which was called incurable. Dr. Glum purchased the original formula from her. He then visited Canada where he interviewed Mary McPherson, who was a very close friend (and professional colleague) to Nurse Rene Caisse.

The help from McPherson helped him confirm the genuineness of the recipe formula he had. He also gained a lot of information about the nurse and her work and started writing a book – Calling of an Angel. The book brought the story of Caisse to the world and also explained how to get your hands to the formula. After the book came out, the formula has spread all across the West.

Interestingly, Glum went on to self publish his book. It was such a big threat to the cancer industry. The publisher faced the hazards of tons of wrongful death lawsuits because Essiac tea didn’t have the FDA’s approval. This along with his second book – Full Disclosure (revealing the original source behind AIDS – depopulation agenda and human created) threatened his existence for some time.

He was threatened in the following ways:

  • The IRS made fake claims and he was financially destroyed.
  • US Marshals kept harassing him.
  • A Naval Intelligence operative threatened to kill him and his family if his 2 books were not stopped from continuous publication.

Currently, only a few copies of his books can be found. However, the PDF versions can be accessed online for free.

During an interview (around 1990), Dr. Glum revealed that he also worked with Essiac tea on the AIDS Project Los Angeles. He said how the authorities allowed 179 patients to go home to just die. These patients were suffering from Histoplasmosis and Pneumocystis carinii. They weighed just around a hundred pounds and the T-4 cell counts were not even 10.

He received 5 patients from the Project. He stopped the DDI and AZT and gave them Essiac 3 times per day. They are the only one from the project who are alive now. All the remaining 174 patients died. However, the world doesn’t know about this thing because AIDS is about to become a big profit maker.

Glum had success with lots of patients who came to him. There was a case where he helped a boy who had leukemia in a very progressive stage. The patient made full recovery with Essiac tea, but died later because of heart failure. It was found that his heart had been damaged because of earlier chemotherapy treatments.

During his research work for his book, Glum learned about Dr. Charles A. Brusch. Dr. Brusch was President John F. Kennedy’s personal physician.

Glum discovered that a cancer clinic in Massachusetts (in Boston) was run by Dr. Brusch. He used Rene Caisse’s work in his clinic between 1959-62. He used the Essiac tea to treate his own cancer. He also treated the cancer of the son of Ted Kennedy which was incurable. However, he was threatened with a life time penalty in prison and forced to remain silent.

Dr. Brusch saw the wisdom in remaining silent

In this first book on the subject – Calling of an Angle, Dr. Glum added information about Dr. Brusch’s experience. Dr. Brusch had said that he got the conclusions from many patients of different races, genders and ages, suffering from different kinds of cancers proved beyond doubt the cancer curing benefits of Essiac. The studies conducted in 4 labs within the U.S. and 1 lab in the Canada confirmed the treatment.

When Rene Caisse died, the authorities didn’t wait any time in ransacking her home and burning all her records. However, her assistant and friend Mary McPherson had some of her work saved along with some autobiographical articles by Caisse, which later became part of public record.

The others who were related to the ingredients and treatment protocol maintained a low profile to prevent any kind of harassment.

However, because of Dr. Gary Glum’s investigative efforts and his books, the Essiac tea came out (although to a few people), but with its own set of caveats.

What are the Ingredients of Essiac?

The new Essaic tea versions may have 6-8 herbs, but the 4-herb original version is still the staple. The original tea has a proven track record of having cured patients since the 1920’s. It is considered better to brew own Essiac rather than placed orders for the herbs. The herbs may be packed in individual bags or already mixed in a single bag.

  • Cut burdock Root – 6-1/2 cups
  • Powdered sheep sorrel herb – 1 lb
  • Powdered slipper elm bark – 1/4 lb
  • Powdered Turkish rhubarb root – 1 oz.

All these ingredients when brewed will form around 2 gallons or 8 quarts of tea. If you want 1 gallon of tea, just halve all the ingredients.

According to one set of instructions, you should mix all these ingredients properly before putting in water. Some instructions require storing the dry herbal mix in glass jars in dry and dark conditions and use 1 oz per 32 oz of water at a time.

You may choose any of these methods, but it is required to boil the herbs hard for 10 minutes (without lid). Some instructions recommend 20 minutes. Once boiled for 10-20 minutes, you should cover it with lid and allow it to steep overnight on heat.

Even in the morning it has to be heated to steaming hot before being allowed to settle. Then pour the tea into glass. It is recommended to use only cast iron/stainless steel pots to boil and glass/ceramic container for storage purpose.

The tea should be kept in a dark and cool place before the first use. Once the lid is opened, store it in the fridge.

The dose to be taken will depend on the patient’s condition. If you want to use it for extremely mild ailments or as an immune tonic, take only 2 oz a day. You can increase it to 3 times per day (and maximum of 3 oz a time) based on the ailment’s severity (mostly in case of cancer).

Once it is refrigerated, the tea could be warmed or hot water can be added before consuming. The tea has been used by cancer patients who were undergoing some other treatments like allopathic drugs.

But conditions like cancer and AIDS must be treated using holistic methods by avoiding toxic foods, medicines, household items, cosmetics, and even toxic thinking. It is also important that the cancer patient take only a meatless diet comprising of only organic food. They should also get lots of sunshine, vitamin D and vitamin C supplements.

You cannot expect to use Essiac tea while also living the earlier lifestyle that actually initiated the cancer/other disease and get treated.

Caveats with Essiac Tea Use

The benefits of Essiac tea depend on the ingredients’ quality. You can come across various watered down variants of the tea.

According to Dr. Glum, some of the providers are offering irradiated herbs. Some are even using something else like curly dock in place of sheep sorrel herbs. Sheep sorrel herb is a commonly found weed that is illegal within Canada. Curly dock has many similarities to red sorrel.

You cannot allow using something else in place of sheep sorrel. It has been tested in laboratories and found to be the cancer cell killing agent in Essiac tea.

The purpose of other ingredients is to work as blood purifiers and synergistic immune boosters. It is important to know that Rene Caisse used all parts of sheep sorrel weed – everything include the roots. In fact, she found that its roots were very important in terms of overall effectiveness.

Currently, most of the Essiac readymade/herbal tea providers are using nothing more than the leaves of sheep sorrel (if they are using this weed at all). This is because it is both cost-effective and easier to harvest the weeds’ leaves. The roots are left as such for growing more leaves.

You should place your order for commercial overland courier services like FedEx and UPS if you want to prevent irradiation. Postal service requires irradiating herbs.

There is a good chance that it will be irradiated even when you choose a commercial service (especially if it is being ordered from some other country). That is why you cannot be sure about the Turkish rhubarb root. It is also not indigenous to North America.

But you may be able to get Turkish rhubarb root and sheep sorrel (along with roots) that is cultivated within North America. A lot of people have lived through cancer and some have even used the Essiac tea for curing AIDS. Others have been using Essiac tea in the form of a tonic for improving their health. But there are others who have complained being unable to get any benefits from Essiac.

The ineffectiveness is partially due to the quality of the herbs. The original high quality four herbs have been proven to be effective with cancer, diabetic and AIDS patients. Nurse Rene Caisse always followed the original treatment. So if you are going to use Essiac, you must use the highest quality ingredients and follow Caisse’s instructions.

Via: NaturalNews | HealthyHolisticLiving

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