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15-Minute Fat Burning Routine – Try These Simple but Very Effective Exercises

This 15-minute fat burning routine is great for those who want to start making exercise a habit. It’s made up of a set of exercises that are very easily to do. The key is to keep your back straight and breathe properly.

For the most part, fat burning exercise routines usually make us think of long periods of time and lots of effort. However, it’s not true. Not all routines are tedious. In fact, majority of them are meant to be as dynamic as possible.

The advantage of the following this fat burning routine is the fact that you can integrate it easily with any other routine.

You can also add on to it or alternate with other exercises. Many people opt to use it as a warm up before going out for a walk or run in the mornings.

Things to consider before doing the 15-minute fat burning routine

Before starting your 15-minute routine, we recommend that you set up the area where you plan to exercise. This of course applies to you if you plan on exercising inside your home. If you want to exercise outdoors, you just need to make sure that the ground and climate are suitable for the exercises.

Also, stretch well all the way from your wrists to your ankles. Don’t forget to loosen up your head and shoulders either. This will help warm up your body.

Turning, flexing and swinging both your core as well as your neck and limbs will ready you for exercise because it’ll allow you to bend more.

Set up the timer. If this is the first time you’ve tried a routine, you’ll be better off keeping the routine at 15 minutes for a week or two in order to building resistance before extending your routine time.

Once you get used to the routine, you’ll be able to incorporate more activities. Once 3 weeks have passed, you’ll notice the benefits. Overall, you’ll have a leaner figure and a toner body.

Remember to rest a few seconds before starting the next exercise. Also, don’t forget to drink water to avoid dehydration.

1. Jump squats

The first exercise of the 15-minute fat burning routine are jump squats. In order to do them, remember that your legs should be a shoulder-width apart and that your feet should be pointed outwards.

Next, bring your waist slightly back and bend as it to sit down until you make a right angle with your knees. After, you need to tighten all your thigh muscles and jump towards the ceiling and land softly. Repeat 12 times.

2. One-arm push ups

You’ll find a strength like you never had before with this exercise. In this one, you need to do push-ups using only one arm.

In order to do them, go into the plank position. Keep in mind that your legs, back and neck should make a straight line. Lightly tighten the leg and abdomen muscles to get the best effect.

When you inhale, bend your elbows in a right angle to lower yourself a little. When you exhale, lift yourself up again, touching your shoulder with the opposite arm.

This exercise is effective if you do 12 repetitions and alternate arms. You can also do them with your knees to strengthen your legs.

3. Jump plank

The starting position is the same as the previous exercise. Your legs, back and neck should form a straight line and you should tighten your muscles.

When you inhale, bend your elbows in a right angle to lower yourself a little. When you exhale, lift yourself up and touch the shoulder opposite of your arm.

4. Plank with knee lift

In this position, you need to do the plank while keeping your legs, back and neck in a straight line. In order to do so, you should tighten your leg and abdomen muscles.

Remember that when you inhale, you have to bend your elbows in a right angle to lower yourself a little. When you exhale, you need to lift yourself up to touch the shoulder opposite of your arm. Do 10 repetitions alternating arms as well as your knees, if you’d like.

5. Side lunges

In order to do these side lunges, you need to get into a half-squat and lean towards one side. After, do the same with the other. Do 12 repetitions.

6. Plank with arm lift

In order to do this plant, your legs, back and neck should be in a straight line. You have to contract your leg and abdomen muscles while raising your right arm until it’s parallel with the ground.

After, you need to move your right leg to the side and repeat with the other. Repeat this exercise 6 times on the left side and 6 times on the right.

Via: SkinnyMs

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