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Flexible Diet – Lose Weight While Eating What You Want

How is your attempt to lose weight going? For most people, it’s a serious issue with few easy solutions. If you’re feeling the same, then you’re in luck, because we’ve created a really useful flexible diet for you.

We’ve come up with a menu where you can change ingredients without making your life more complicated.

Still not convinced?

A Flexible Diet for Weight Loss


  • 1 portion of meat, ham, chicken, cheese, or fish
  • 1 cup of vegetables of your preference
  • 2 pieces of toast

The point of this breakfast is to recharge yourself as soon as you wake up. It’s time to promote weight loss as you get the energy your body needs to wake up and perform basic functions.

When it comes to choosing proteins, we recommend they be as fresh as possible. By this, we mean avoid processed meats or fish. With ham and cheese, choose varieties that contain less salt and preservatives. Turkey ham is a great option because it contains less salt.

Mix vegetables however you like, as long as you stick to the quantity indicated. You’ll see that it’s easy to make a different salad or sautéed dish each day. Another option is to make your toast or sandwiches with whole meal bread.

Morning Snack

About halfway through the morning, or a few hours after breakfast, you’ll probably start to feel hungry again. But even if you don’t, try out the following snacks:

  • ½ cup of fruit and 1/2 cup of yogurt (100 g)
  • 3 cups of homemade popcorn (33 g)

Enjoy this flexible diet by giving your body the right amount of calories. This will stop your body from building up fat.


For lunch, your menu could look like:

  • 2 cups of green salad (60 g)
  • 1 portion of lean meat
  • ½ cup of beans, rice, or pasta

We recommend a green salad, but you can exchange it for vegetables of your choice with this flexible diet. The more colors there are on your plate, the healthier it is!

One thing you have to be really careful about are carbohydrates. It’s important to avoid eating bread if you’ve already eaten beans, rice, or pasta. You shouldn’t mix two of these carbohydrates.

If you’re still hungry after lunch, you could add another portion or half portion of vegetables.

Don’t forget to drink water as well. Sometimes people think they’re hungry when in reality it’s just thirst.

Afternoon Snack

You won’t lose weight by depriving yourself of food. You should always avoid feeling hungry. If you let yourself feel hungry, your body will start to store fat to make sure that it always has energy.

After lunch, we recommend something light in this flexible diet.

We recommend you try a number of combinations until you find your favorite flavors, and always avoid commercial dressings.

You can choose between:

  • 1 cup of green salad with a homemade dressing
  • 1 fruit and a little low-fat cheese (30 g)

If you don’t feel like cheese, you can swap this for 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese (45 g) or a cup of yogurt (200 g).


This flexible diet includes a light but sufficient dinner.

Since you’ll likely go to bed not long after dinner and your body will be burning less energy, we recommend that you dinner be as light as possible.

If you’re diabetic, avoid very sweet fruits (like bananas or pineapples). Instead, choose an apple or a pear. They contain less sugar.

You can choose between three different menus:

  • 3 tbsp. of cottage cheese (45 g) + 1 fruit
  • 1 cup of steamed vegetables (180 g) + 1 roasted chicken breast + 1 piece of toast
  • 1 cup of yogurt (200 ml) + a pinch of ground cinnamon + 1 fruit

How does all that sound? Try this flexible diet out and you’ll notice an improvement in your health in just a few weeks without feeling hungry!

Via: HealthyEater | HealthLine

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