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DIY Homemade Toilet Cleaner – You’ll Never Clean Your Toilet AGAIN!

The room that always should be spotless in the home is the bathroom. It is really easy to keep your bathroom clean but with help from everyone at home. Even your kids can help you, whenever they finish in the bathroom.

What is in a toilet-bowl cleaner?

Almost all of the products intended cleaning of bathrooms has chemicals that are harsh and bleach. So, that is why you shouldn’t use them, especially if you have children. A poisonous gas is produced when the acid is combined with the chlorine from the bleach.

Such gas, as this one, was used in the World War 2. It is known that bleach is corrosive and an irritant which is dangerous. If it comes in contact with the skin or any other surface or material can cause burning.

DIY Toilet Bombs

They also contain 10-50% of hydrochloric acid. This kind of acid is related to irritation of the respiratory tract and kidney damage. The fragrances that are contained in few products contain fragrances could be very dangerous. They can cause headaches, allergic reactions, airway inflammations and even hormone disruptions if are inhaled.

Homemade Toilet Cleaner – DIY Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Knowing about all of these things that cleaning products for bathroom can do to us, it is recommended to try these natural and homemade toilet cleaner bombs for your toiler bowl. Here is how you can make them:

The needed ingredients:

  • Half cup of cornstarch;
  • Half cup of citric acid;
  • Half cup of baking soda;
  • Twenty-five drops of essential oil;
  • Mold (of your choice) such as a muffin tin
  • Zip-top bag (gallon-sized);
  • Water (in a spray bottle)


You should put the ingredients (except of the essential oil) in the zip-top bag, close it and then shake it. Then, open the baggie and pour 2-3 streams of water. After that close it and knead. If it becomes puffy, you can let a little air in. Usually it happens as a reaction of the citric acid and the baking soda.

The mixture should feel like pie dough. When you squeeze a handful and it remains like that, then you will know it is ready. But make sure you don’t over water it.

In the end, add the essential oil (of your choice) and shake it again. Pack the mixture into the molds, but carefully. Let it dry for 2 days. After they dry, get them out of the molds and let them like that to dry for another 2-3 days and after that, place them in a sealed container. They are ready for using!

It is very easy to use this homemade toilet cleaner bombs. You only need to drop one of them in your toilet bowl and it will work until the fizzing stops. Then, clean the sides with a brush and at last, flush. That is how you can get your own toiler cleaning bombs that are very safe for the people and the environment, as well. They are also completely natural.

Via: DIYNatural | OrganicConsumers | eHow

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