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Homemade Tomato Sauce Recipe with Antioxidant and Anticarcinogen Properties

Can you imagine that something as simple as homemade tomato sauce is both an anticarcinogen and antioxidant?

In this article, we want to tell you how to make this delicious and action-packed homemade tomato sauce. With this healing sauce, you can make an infinite number of great recipes.

This will let you take advantage of all the medicinal properties each ingredient provides.

An antioxidant and anticarcinogen sauce?

This delicious homemade tomato sauce has an ambitious description: antioxidant and anticarcinogen. However, to make it, we’re just going to use 4 ingredients that have these curative properties.

homemade tomato sauce recipe


First of all, tomatoes are very well known vegetables. However, they hide some great unknown properties. They can fight aging and cancer.

The lycopene in tomatoes inhibits the cellular proliferation in cancer and balances your defenses.

In addition, the amount of lycopene increases considerably when you make a tomato sauce.

We recommend choosing organic tomatoes to make this homemade sauce. These are free from pesticides and other harmful chemical substances.


This old medicinal food hides many surprising benefits for your health. This is especially true when we eat it raw. In addition, it is a great help in increasing flavor.

Among the garlic benefits, we find the following:

  • It increases circulation and improves your cardiovascular health,
  • Garlic detoxifies your body,
  • It protects against free radicals,
  • Garlic improves your immune system,
  • It helps prevent neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.

In this recipe, we barely cook the garlic. This allows us to keep its properties intact. At the same time, it also reduces its intensity and helps digestion.

Red pepper

Red peppers have antioxidant and anticarcinogen properties also due to lycopene. In addition, they’re also rich in B-complex vitamins and vitamin C.

This food has shown a great preventative ability against prostate cancer.

In the same family as red pepper, cayenne pepper also has anticarcinogen properties. It’s also a spicy, cleansing seasoning.


Turmeric is one of the most impressive foods that we can find. This is because it’s an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, and anticarcinogen spice.

These properties make it an invaluable ingredient in the kitchen. It can be used in all kinds of recipes from dishes (such as stews, meats, vegetables, pastas, rice, etc.) to sweets (such as cookies, cakes, puddings, custards, etc.)

Also, Turmeric is a natural food coloring, and it’s cheaper than saffron.  We can use it freshly grated or as a powder.

If we combine this with black pepper, we increase its integration and its benefits.

Now, let’s take a look at how to make this healthy recipe.

Homemade Tomato Sauce Recipe


  • 6 ripe tomatoes (organic if possible)
  • 1 red pepper
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • Other spices depending on your taste (turmeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper, etc.)
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • A pinch of cane sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil


  1. First, mince the garlic and set it aside.
  2. Then, cut the red pepper into small pieces and sauté them in a frying pan.
  3. Next, wash and peel the tomatoes.
  4. Then, pass the tomatoes through a food mill or blend them. You can also chop them if you want pieces of tomato in your sauce.
  5. In a large pot, add the fried peppers and the tomato. Put it on low heat.
  6. Then, add the spices, sea salt, and cane sugar.
  7. Next, let it cook for 45 minutes.
  8. Just before removing it from the heat, add the minced garlic.
  9. You can blend the sauce so that there aren’t any pieces of peppers left. Or, you can leave it as is.
  10. Give it a taste test. If it needs it, you can add more salt.
  11. If you want to add a personal touch, you can add other vegetables (onions, green pepper, zucchini, eggplant, etc.) and other spices and aromatic plats (such as oregano, bay leaves, basil, cumin, curry, etc.)
  12. Finally, let the sauce cool and it will be ready to go with any number of dishes. This includes rice, pasta, vegetables, stuffing, etc.

How to store it:

  • To store it, you can keep it in hermetically sealed glass jars.
  • In addition, it can also last for a week in the refrigerator.
  • However, if you decide to make more than what you need, you can keep it in the freezer for months.

Via: StepToHealth

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