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8 Surprising Orange Peel Benefits You May Not Know About

Don’t throw away that orange peel! It has some pretty amazing benefits. Discover the surprising orange peel benefits in this article.

Oranges are one of the most consumed fruits around the world. While many people don’t know it, their peel is a source of a wide range of nutrients that help your health.

For many, it’s almost instinct to throw them in the trash. However, it has been shown that they have many properties that help you. Their effects on your body prevent the development of several diseases.

Its flavor isn’t as tasty as the fruit or juice. However, its active compounds are reason enough to consider adding it to your diet.

Also, there are many recipes that you can use it in to enjoy its exotic, citric touch in spite of its bitter flavor.

Surprising Orange Peel Benefits

Because of this, in this article, we want to share some interesting orange peel benefits and medicinal properties you’ll want to benefit from.

Orange Peel Benefits

1. It prevents cholesterol

Orange peels have phytochemicals and flavonoids. These can be a natural remedy for people with uncontrolled cholesterol.

These antioxidants clean your arteries. They also prevent the formation of plaque that causes blockages and blood clots.

At the same time, the orange peel benefits for your cardiovascular health are amazing. This is because it diminishes the risk of hypertension, heart attacks, and strokes.

2. It fights heartburn

The active compounds in this ingredient have an alkaline effect. This reduces stomach acid.

Drinking it, either in smoothies or tea, balances your digestive pH level. It also reduces the production of too much acid when you’re having digestive issues.

In cases of severe and repetitive heartburn, you should drink it once a day for 20 days.

3. It relieves digestive problems

It’s estimated that every 100 grams of orange peels give you up to 10.6 grams of fiber. This is an essential nutrient for helping your digestive health.

Eating it on a regular basis speeds up bowel movements. At the same time, it encourages the removal of waste stored in your colon.

This is one of the best homemade remedies for preventing irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and inflammatory diseases.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s calming. Plus, it gives positive effects to the microbial flora that protect your intestines.

4. It has antibacterial properties

The natural extracts in this ingredient have a high content of phenol and antioxidant compounds. At the same time, they have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Both inside and out, it can fight a series of harmful pathogens, including E. Coli. or Listeria monocytogenes.

5. It prevents and fights respiratory diseases

Orange peels have up to 10 times more vitamin C than orange juice. As a result, it’s one of the best things for strengthening your immune system.

This antioxidant nutrient slows the proliferation of viruses and bacteria. It also strengthens your defense mechanisms. This prevents respiratory diseases like:

  • Bronchitis
  • Colds
  • The flu
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Lung cancer

6. It improves your dental health

Chewing a little orange peel is a habit that lets you:

  • Freshen your breath.
  • Control bacteria.
  • Avoid getting yellow spots on your teeth.

It has extracts and essential oils that give you a protective barrier against the harmful effects of bacterial plaque and infections associated with it.

Chewing orange peels is also recommended for patients with sensitive teeth. This is because applying it reduces the symptoms.

You can apply grated orange peels like a paste, or rub the inner part against your teeth.

7. It helps you lose weight

This food is low in calories, has fiber, and has detoxifying properties that help you lose weight.

Drinking it as a tea or adding it to other recipes encourages your body’s cleansing processes. It also prolongs the feeling of being full. This keeps you from eating too many calories.

8. It helps your skin’s appearance

On the outside, it gives you interesting benefits. You can enjoy both the health and beauty benefits it gives you.

Its high content of vitamin C reduces the presence of spots and other marks caused by premature aging.

Through its extracts, orange peels help you clear and cover these small spots. This includes the ones that are caused by sun exposure, burns, and toxins.

Orange peel infusions act as a natural tonic. This is because it cleans your pores deeply. This prevents the formation of blackheads, pimples, and acne.

As you can see, this part of the orange that you usually throw away is really an excellent aid for your health. Enjoy it grated, benefit from it as a tea, or enjoy its exotic flavor in many recipes!

Via: StyleCraze | DiyNatural | SpoonUniversity

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