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8 Simple and Easy Homemade Wood Cleaners

Wood is as beautiful as it is delicate. That’s why homemade wood cleaners are usually the best option. They’re much better than chemical products that give the same results, and these chemicals can even damage the wood itself.

With these homemade wood cleaners, however, that won’t happen. Today, we’d like to tell you about 8 easy homemade wood cleaners.

Keep in mind that the first step is to see what kind of furniture it is that needs work and what work it needs.

8 Simple and Easy Homemade Wood Cleaners

Accordingly, there are different homemade formulas that will give you different results.

Simple Homemade Wood Cleaners

1. Walnuts for cleaning wood

Yes, you heard right: walnuts can be the perfect thing to clean your wood.

Thanks to the oily liquid they contain, your furniture and anything wooden you have in the house will look like new.

To use them, all you have to do is peel them and rub the base of the walnut onto the wooden surface.

That’s how you’ll get the results you’re hoping for and, of course, they won’t scratch.

2. Red wine vinegar and olive oil

With two ingredients, as simple as red wine vinegar and olive oil, you’ll make your wood look flawless.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Put equal parts of each ingredient into a container.
  • With a cotton cloth, wipe the mixture all over your wood furniture and let dry for about an hour.
  • As a finishing touch, you can use wax, which will really bring out the shine.

This trick is very effective, because the oil moisturizes the wood and the vinegar removes the built-up dirt.

Once dry, wipe with another dry cotton cloth for even more shine. You can’t ask for more!

3. Mayonnaise

If you’re trying to remove stains on your wood surfaces from spills, all you need is a bit of mayonnaise.

Let the mayonnaise dry completely, and then wipe it with a cloth until it disappears.

4. Cork

If you want to get rid of water rings, rub the mark with cork and then clean the area well.

If the rings have been there a while already, you’ll have to work it into the mark with circular movements.

5. Vaseline

If you notice your furniture is scratched up, Vaseline may be just what you need.

It’s good for those bothersome scratches as well as cracks that wooden surfaces sometimes get. For it to work the best, apply a layer of Vaseline and let it sit (the longer, the better).

Next, all you have to do is clean the remaining Vaseline off and you’re done.

If you want to fix small dings and dents, use a damp cloth and apply heat with an iron.

You’ll see them disappear like magic!

6. Warm water

If you’re looking to remove bits of paint that may have fallen onto the wood, all you need is warm water.

Mix your regular cleaner into the warm water and wipe it over the surface with a towel. Rinse with more warm water (this time by itself) and dry with another towel.

7. Ammonia

To fight mold on exterior or interior wood surfaces, mix a little ammonia into half a liter of warm water.

Rub all over the wood with a cloth, and that’s it!

8. Lemon juice

Another way to give your wood furniture some shine is by mixing a little lemon juice or lemon oil with half a liter of vegetable oil and wiping it onto the surface with a cloth.

Rub it in and let it sit. You’ll see it work within no time and your wood will shine again. Make sure to use enough lemon that it won’t dry, because you don’t want to scratch the wood when you rub it.

This trick will make the dirt disappear right away.

Besides cleaning the wood, it will shine like never before!

Via: StepToHealth

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