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Ten Facts why Bananas are Indispensable for your Health

Bananas are super fruit which is indispensable when it comes to your health. Read the ten facts and you will never see the banana with same eyes again…

Banana can treat depression

Banana contains high levels of tryptophan which is converted in to serotonin and is really successful in treating depression.

Banana – recipe for success of the athletes

Eat two bananas before the match or before you go to the gym, they will give you energy, will keep the level of sugar in the blood and will be creditable to your fitness success in the competition.


Banana strengthens the bones

Banana can replace the lost quantities of calcium and can maintain the bones healthy. Therefore it is necessary bananas to be consumed from all ages.

Banana peels against warts

The bark of the banana should be put on the wart with the peeled side. Aficionados of folk medicine say that is a good remedy for this type of affliction.


Banana is the body’s thermo-regulator

When you have fever, eat a banana. It helps in situations of increased body temperature, and during the extremely hot summer days to cool the body.

Banana against itching and insect bites

Same as with the warts, inner side of the bark of the banana is effective against itching and insect bites. Rub the inside of the bark of the banana on the place where you feel itching or the place where you got insect bite.

Banana before exam

You have exam early in the morning and you don’t have time for breakfast? Eat two bananas before you go and you will feel that bananas have great power to improve the concentration and the physiological ability of your brain.

Bananas can regulate the blood pressure

They contain a lot of potassium and low quantities of salt – great for people who suffer from hypertension.

For healthy digestive system

Eat bananas to improve your digestion, because bananas contain pectin which is very effective, it releases the toxins from the body and protects the normal flora of the intestines.

Banana as cure for PMS

In a time when you feel the symptoms of PMS, eat more bananas. It has been proven that they have the power to relieve the problems that come with this syndrome.

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