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You Are Throwing Away Used Tea Bags? After This Article, You Will Never Do That Again

After you use the tea bags you immediately throw them away? After you read this text you won’t throw the used tea bags ever again.

Every one of us knows about the healing and healthy properties of tea, but few know that they can use the already used tea bags in a different ways.

1. To treat eye redness!

First you need to place a few teabags to soak in cold water for 2 minutes. Then put them on your eyelids and leave it for few of minutes. After you remove them the redness will disappear and your eyes will look more youthful and fresher.


2. To marinate meat!

You can marinate the meat with used teabags to prevent the meat from getting resilient and hard. The tea bags will make the meat softer and the tea’s aroma will make the meat’s taste richer.

3. For cleaning your home!

The tea can clean dirty floors, linoleum, mirrors…

4. To freshen up your shoes and clothes!

Place the already dried and used teabags in your closet, it will made your clothes smell much better. You can put 1 of these used tea bags in each shoe to prevent unpleasant and bad smells.

5. To mitigate pain!

If you have a wound in your mouth then you should bite down a already used tea bag and its compounds will stimulate the healing process and will relieve the pain.

6. To get rid of acne and mitigate sunburns!

In case you have acne or/and sunburns, the previously used teabags will give you relief and help you. Put on of the used teabags on the affected area and the tea bag will calm down the affected place. It also helps in removing acnes anywhere on your body.

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