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Total Hit – How to Lose Weight without Diet with Only 5 Minutes Lying Down

How to lose weight without diet with only 5 minutes lying down? Yes, you read that correctly. You are not supposed to do anything; only lie down horizontally three times every day for 5 minutes each time.

This is such a fast and efficient and fast way of losing weight that it could not be easier. Dr. Fukujuji is helping women to lose weight in the shortest possible time frame. Additionally, he is doing this without the need for spending money, restrictive dieting, or hard exercises. You may be saying to yourself that a fast and free way of losing weight doesn’t exist. Just try this on your own and you will see.

The book that this method is explained in has sold 6 million copies in Asia.

Total Hit – How to Lose Weight without Diet with Only 5 Minutes Lying Down

Dr.Fukujuji advises that you don’t need any extravagant tools for quick slimming. The only tools that are needed are strong rope so that you can tie the towel in a roll, a big towel, a flat sturdy surface and 5 minutes time every day.

This method is quick, easy and efficient. You are not supposed to do anything but lie in a horizontal position three times a day for 5 minutes each.

Dr.Fukujuji is a specialist whose concentration is problems of the pelvis. He has made the revelation that the misplacement of the pelvis and the subcostal bones cause excess fat around the belly. The method for how to lose weight without diet is explained here can be implemented to lose fat around the belly, quick and easy.

Steps to the procedure:

  • Fasten the towel while rolled and tie with some rope.
  • Sit down on a clean flat surface. The floor is best.
  • Lie down with the towel affixed under your back at the height of your umbilicus. Keep in mind that the towel should be a bit larger than your back.
  • Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders, and curve your feet stretching your toes towards the floor beneath you. Your feet should be inward and the big toes should touch one another.
  • Stretch out your arms over and behind your head, turning your palms downward. The little finger of the right hand should touch the little finger of the left one.

That is it. It may seem easy but the uncomfortable, so maybe this position won’t be a simple task at all. If you find that it is hard to stretch arms, you can modify this position slightly so that it can be bearable. However, do not forget to touch them with the little fingers on the hand and the big toes on the feet as well.

Lie in this position three times a day for 5 minutes each.

  1. It may be difficult do this in the beginning. However, the discomfort and the pain will get better as time passes.
  2. However, it is extremely important to do this exercise every single day—no exceptions.
  3. Once your time is up and you are done with the treatment, don’t get up immediately. It is recommended that you turn your body and lie on your hip, sit up, and then eventually stand.

Attention: You should consult your physician before starting this treatment, especially if you have problems of the pelvis.

  • If you move the roll under your bust, you will lift your breasts.
  • If you put the roll under your ribs, you will achieve a slimmer and more toned waist.

Besides losing weight and a thinner waist, there will other noticed changes as well.

  • Your posture will be greatly improved and you will no longer have pain in your back.

Source: Top Health News

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