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Nettle Soup – Try the Flavor of Health from a Different Angle

Nettle Soup? It sounds badly? But before you make any assessments it is necessary to try it. Nettle is a plant that is a real boon for the health, real elixir for your blood and real power for your body. The taste of the soup is a little unusual, but you’ll love it. Therefore you must prepare this recipe, enjoy the taste and improve your health…

The main health benefits of consuming nettles are its diuretic effects, which ensures that neutralized toxins are quickly eliminated through urine, but also its nephritic ones, easing the symptoms of gallbladder and kidney stones and even breaking these down and eliminating them. Nettles also have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, acting as a liver tonic.

A tired liver, deprived of fresh nutrients during the winter months, cannot process the excess estrogen, resulting in an imbalanced hormone production and accumulation of old estrogen. This can worsen PMS, and also contributes to cyst formation. Magnesium, iron, antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin K in nettles are only some of the other important reasons to consume these little plants during their season in March and early April.

nettle soup

The immune system can be strengthened with the use of stinging nettle. It regulates metabolism and hormone levels, particularly in male. It is also proved effective in fighting against swelling by acting as an anti-inflammatory component. Consumption of stinging nettle tea helps in improving allergic conditions, such as asthma, itching, sneezing and hay fever. It is also considered as a home remedy to treat allergies.

Nettle leaves have astringent properties, which helps in treating skin diseases like eczema, insect bites and chicken pox. Its extract or an oil concoction prepared with nettle leaves can be applied topically to treat eczema.

To benefit from the wonders of this super-food, make a tea or soup with the young, tender leaves.  Find the nettle plant away from busy roads and industry, ideally in the middle of nowhere, so it won’t be contaminated with pollutants!

Stinging Nettle Soup Recipe

Necessary ingredients:

  • A bunch of young nettles (depending on the desired quantity and density)
  • One large onion
  • 2-3 tbsp of corn flour
  • 2 tbsp of red ground pepper
  • 2 liters of water
  • A little salt and black pepper (optional)


Carefully separate the nettle leaves from the stalks and wash them. Then dice the onion finely and place it on a pan with olive oil. Fry it until you get a yellowish color, then add the nettles and season with salt and black pepper. At the end add the corn flour and the red pepper.  Slowly add the water, stir for a few minutes and leave it the following 20 minutes to boil. If you like the taste, each tbsp plus of this amazing nettle soup that enters in your mouth will just mean better health for your body.

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