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10 Ovarian Cancer Symptoms, That Must Not be Ignored

Ovarian cancer is the 5th most common cancer that cause death in women. Ovarian cancer can be triggered by many things and some of them include age, genetic predisposition and improper use of oral contraceptives. Even though the ovarian cancer symptoms are not obvious, if they can be identified before it is too late, women can save their lives. 8 out of 10 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer when this cancer is in an advanced stage.

Never Ignore These 10 Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Below is a list of 10 most common ovarian cancer symptoms you should take seriously:

1. Recurring Backaches

If you do not have osteoporosis or arthritis, occasional backaches could be a symptom of developing ovarian cancer.

2. Pain in the Pelvis and Stomach Area

Simply, do not ignore the pain in the pelvis and stomach area.

3. Irregular Periods

According to some statistics, women that are over the age of 55 are more prone to developing ovarian cancer. Of course, younger women are not perfectly safe either. There are cases when ovarian cancer occurs in girls that have not yet experienced their first period.

4. Unexpected Feeling of Fatigue and Weakness

Nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, poor appetite and frequent feeling of tiredness – these are all symptoms that can be linked to individuals that have ovarian cancer. 80% of women develop one (or few) of the symptoms before the ovarian cancer becomes visible.

5. Getting Sated Easily

Women that feel sated even when they are not eating too much food might be experiencing the development of ovarian cancer. This feeling of satiety is considered to be one of the basic symptoms of ovarian cancer. Many women think that this is some kind of problem with the digestion, but they should check their reproductive system.

6. Pain That Occurs During Intercourse

Pain that occurs whenever you are part of an intimate intercourse is a typical sign that you are developing ovarian cancer. The pain occurs as a result of intense pressure in the pelvic area. In addition, women feel urge for urination frequently. It doesn’t really matter how intense the pain is, you should visit your doctor’s office right away.

7. Vomiting

Jeffrey Stern, a famous American gynecologist, says that ovarian cancer often causes constipation in women. Eventually, this situation leads to nausea, vomiting and weigh loss.

8. Abdominal Bloating

In case your belly becomes swollen (similar to the bellies of pregnant women) this can be a symptom of ovarian cancer.

9. Excessive Hair Growth and Hair Turning Darker

Even though this is not a usual symptom of ovarian cancer we should not ignore it. It is also worth mentioning that instead of excessive hair growth some women are noticing hair loss.

10. Chronic Constipation

The cancer has direct impact on the digestive system and the stomach and this impact is the strongest when the cancer is in the early stage. If you feel pain in the stomach and experience chronic constipation it is the best idea to visit your doctor.

Via: HealthLine | NHS Choices | MayoClinic

Image Via: WikiHow

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