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Science-Based Benefits of Sudoku for the Brain

Sudoku is a highly complex mental game; the task of ordering numbers requires a lot of effort that has many benefits for the brain. This has been proven by science. The game originated in the United States, but it became popular after it arrived in Japan. Find out about the benefits of Sudoku.

This game consists of filling in a grid of 9 by 9 cells–which, in turn, is divided into smaller grids of 3 by 3–with numbers from 1 to 9. Puzzles are presented with some numbers already filled in, which are known as given digits or clues. Playing it is very straightforward, although there are Sudokus of different levels of difficulty.

Although the game is based on numbers, you don’t need to have the best math skills in the world to start practicing it. It’s a lot of fun and with practice you’ll start to build up your skills.

Patience is essential because completing a puzzle can take quite some time. However, remember to keep calm and that practice makes perfect; in time you’ll be able to do the puzzles faster and faster.

Skills that Sudoku improves

Playing Sudoku brings many benefits for your brain; you’ll train skills you already have and also acquire some new ones. For example, Sudoko is a workout for your perception, memory, logic and coordination.

Studies on the use of math in these types of games have shown that that among the skills required are ingenuity, imagination and patience. This means that practicing Sudoku will help you learn to handle stressful situations. It’s a good idea to start with the easier puzzles.

Potential health benefits of Sudoku

Playing Sudoku has multiple health benefits, especially for the brain. Here’s how this game has a positive impact.

1.Stimulates logical thinking

Logical thinking is the ability to understand your surroundings and the relationships or differences between actions, objects or facts. You learn this through analysis, comprehension, abstraction and imagination.

According to some studies, games like Sudoku involve curious mathematical problems that stimulate logical thinking and especially mathematical logical thinking.

2. Encourages quick thinking

Once you start completing Sudokus and move from easier levels to more difficult puzzles, you’ll see that as time goes by you’ll be able to complete them faster and faster, thanks to the analysis and abstraction you put into practice. This is referred to as quick thinking, which Sudoku stimulates and improves.

3. Improves concentration

Sudoku requires several skills. Among these is concentration, which is almost a prerequisite for successfully completing the game. You have to avoid repeating numbers or placing them incorrectly.

Such is its contribution in this sense that research has shown that Sudoku is one of the best ludic-pedagogical activities practiced in classrooms to increase students’ attention and concentration.

4.Develops problem-solving skills

When you start playing Sudoku as a beginner, you’ll realize that it can be a bit tedious and frustrating, either because you take a long time to complete them or because you haven’t yet developed all your skills. In the process, you learn to develop your problem-solving skills with more focus.

Science has proven, from different points of view, that math and didactic games based on numbers contribute to increase this ability.

5. Increases the quality of cognitive function

Many factors can affect the quality of cognitive function, especially old age. A study that sampled adults aged 50 to 93 years found that frequent practice of number puzzles such as Sudoku has a strong association with the quality of cognitive function in this population.

6. Helps to reduce stress

Stress is a result of overexertion and manifests itself on a physical and emotional level; it’s most likely due to psychological demands placed on the brain. It affects health in multiple ways. Studies have shown that it can alter the processes of plasticity and neurogenesis.

However, board games or mentally demanding games such as Sudoku are usually very relaxing. As such, if you’ve had a stressful day, taking 10 minutes to do a simple Sudoku can help clear your mind and activate it so that you can return to work recharged.

The importance of exercising the brain

Research has shown that daily learning, such as playing games like Sudoku, stimulates the brain, improves brain function and prevents cognitive decline. All of this translates into well-being.

That well-being, in turn, means greater resistance to forgetfulness and memory impairment. You’ll be more alert and your abilities will remain powerful for a long time.

The set of activities such as Sudoku which you can do to exercise your brain are known as brain gymnastics. They’re widely used to strengthen and develop skills such as creativity.

Enjoy the benefits of Sudoku for your brain!

You’ve already seen some of the benefits of Sudoku for your brain; can you imagine how sharp you’d be if you’d been completing Sudokus since childhood? It’s interesting to think about this.

Still, it’s not too late. You can start now and encourage your children to play the game. In addition to improving their brain function, it’ll improve their quality of life. The benefits will stay with them forever, helping prevent cognitive decline.

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