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5-Day Apple Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

How long has it been since you detoxified your body? Do you want to cleanse your body of toxins that have accumulated? Do you want to lose a few extra pounds quickly in a short time?

In any case, we recommend the apple diet to slim your abdomen.

The apple diet is very practical and economic option because it requires ingredients available to everyone. The only thing you have to consider is that it is very restrictive, therefore, it is not advisable to prolong it too much.

5-Day Apple Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

It is thought to be a one-week plan and you may feel short of energy the first few days.

Day 1

The first day of the apple diet to slim the abdomen consists of only eating apples. It is the day when you will feel some hunger, but also in which you will lose more weight (around 1.5 kilos).

However, for nutrients you do not have to worry. Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients.

In addition, your body will not have energy problems because it will take advantage of the energy that has accumulated. For that reason, you will begin to lose the extra kilos.


  • 2 apples


  • 1 apple


  • 3 apples

Day 2

On the second day of the apple diet to reduce the abdomen, you will add vegetables that will prevent the presence of hunger. Olive oil will bring you fats that hydrate and improve the quality of your cells.

To season, try to use ground sea salt in the moment.


  • 1 apple + 1 glass of soy milk (200 ml)


  • 1 apple + salad (2 carrots, 1 small beet, mint leaves, olive oil, salt and pepper)


  • 2 apples

Day 3

On the third day of the apple diet to reduce the abdomen, your body will begin to receive lean protein of good quality. Here you can make some changes if you’re vegetarian, like tofu instead of cheese or ham.

If you are not a vegetarian but want alternatives, use yogurt instead of ham or cheese.


  • 1 apple + 2 scrambled eggs + 1 slice of whole grain bread


  • 1 apple + salad (1 cucumber + 1 tomato + ½ avocado + basil leaves + 30 g cheese + salt + pepper + olive oil)


  • 1 apple + salad (2 slices of turkey ham + 2 carrots + ½ cup of cooked broccoli + salt + pepper)

Day 4

The fourth day of the apple diet to reduce the abdomen will consider complex carbohydrates in greater quantity.

Potato’s and lentils will provide fiber and prepare your stomach for when you start eating various foods again. You can change them for other legumes if you prefer.

Green tea and black tea will provide antioxidants that will strengthen your body. Throughout the day, you can drink as much tea as you want.


  • Smoothie of 1 apple + 2 stalks of celery + ½ of a small beet + ½ a cup of soy milk (125 ml)


  • 1 apple + lentil soup + 1 cup of black tea (250 ml)


  • 1 apple + vegetable soup + ½ a cooked potato + 1 cup of green tea (250 ml)

Day 5

The last day of the diet of the apple to reduce the abdomen is the one that considers more quantity and variety of foods. The idea is to prepare your body to follow a healthy diet in the future.

If you have followed the recommended diet, your metabolism will have accelerated. This means that you will be ready to take better advantage of the nutrients your food provides.

If you do not like potatoes, swap them for sweet potatoes, lentils or beans.


  • 1 apple + 2 boiled eggs + roasted vegetables


  • 1 apple + baked fish + ½ a cooked potato + steamed vegetables


  • 1 apple + 5 nuts + ½ a glass of almond milk (100 ml)

Last considerations when following the apple diet to reduce the abdomen

Remember to drink a lot of water. Every day you must ensure that you consume two liters of water without fail. Ideally, you distribute that amount throughout the day, starting with a glass on an empty stomach. Finish with another glass of water before sleeping.

Eat healthy, organic and fresh foods. Try to avoid frozen, because they will not have as many nutrients.

How about it? Have you tried this apple diet to reduce the abdomen?

Via: Fitwirr | StyleCraze

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