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18 Amazing Castor Oil Health Benefits and Uses

Castor oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of Ricinus communis, commonly known as castor oil plant. If you don’t have a bottle of castor oil at home yet, get one as soon as possible, as its uses are endless.  From treating parasitical worms to easing constipation, colds, and fever, castor oil is the to-go concoction we all need these days.

This highly versatile oil offers a wide plethora of health benefits and uses, despite the fact that there is minimal research backing them up.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular natural remedies with quite a long history.

18 Ways You Can Use Castor Oil at Home

If you do have a bottle castor oil at home, great for you. In case you don’t, consider buying one as soon as possible. You will be amazed by the numerous uses of this versatile oil.


1. Removes Blemishes

Due to its high fatty acid content, it promotes growth of healthy skin tissues and helps remove blemishes, scars, stretch marks, and pigmentation.  Simply apply the oil onto the affected area every night until you get the wanted results.

2. Eliminates Warts and Skin Tags

Being packed with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, castor oil positively affects warts and skin tags. Apply the oil onto the wart/ skin tag on a daily basis for several weeks until you see them fall off.

Castor Oil Health Benefits

3. Promotes Healthy Scalp and Hair Growth

Scalp infections causes issues like dandruff, itchiness, thinning, and bald patches.  The good news is that massaging warm castor oil on the scalp helps remove micro-organisms responsible for the scalp problem, stimulate the follicles, and promote hair growth. Repeat the procedure every night!

4. Gives Your Hair a Richer Hair

If you start noticing signs of graying, apply castor oil to prevent the hair from turning much grayer.  Castor oil has the ability to trap the moisture in the hair, which in turn gives richer and youthful look. Simply warm the oil and coat each strand of hair, running the fingers through the locks.

5. Natural Mascara

Melt a tablespoon of beeswax and combine with two tablespoons of charcoal or cocoa powder to create a paste. Unlike conventional mascaras, this one is completely free of toxic chemicals and is safe to use.  Another option is to apply the oil on the lid in order to get thicker and fuller eyelashes.


6. Treats Inflamed Skin

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is great for treating inflamed skin caused by dry cracked skin, acne, bites, or sunburns.  Simply soak a cotton ball in castor oil, apply onto the inflamed area and let it work for an hour before washing it off.

7. Moisturizes Skin and Relieves Itchiness

The fatty acids found in castor oil are ideal tool for moisturizing dry skin and relieving skin itchiness. Thanks to its viscous texture, it easily penetrates into the skin.  All you have to do is to rub a teaspoon between the palms and apply onto the affected area.

8. Healthy Lips

It is often added to conventional lip balms, as it really works wonders for dry lips.  To heal the cracks and prevent them from chapping again, rub a little oil on the lips. Simple as that!

9. Relieves Muscle Pain

Rubbing a little of this oil after a workout relieves soreness and promotes proper blood circulation. For optimal results, combine it with chamomile or peppermint oil.

10. Relieves Joint Pain

It contains ricinoleic acid, can relieve the congestion of the lymphatic system. For those who are not familiar with the function of this system, note that it`s responsible for collecting waste and transporting it to the bloodstream to be flushed out.

In case the lymphatic system isn’t working optimally, like in arthritis patients, joint pain occurs. The good news is that massaging castor oil on the joints helps alleviate the congestion and keep the lymphatic system working properly.

11. Treats Back Pain

To eliminate the pain in an instant and get rid of the stiffness, massage castor oil on the affected area. Another option is to apply castor oil onto the painful area, cover with cloth, and put a hot water pack over to keep the oil permeating through the skin.

12. Helps Treat Fungal Infections

Castor oil is well-known for its anti-fungal properties and its ability to treat infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch, or ringworm.  Warm the oil, apply on the affected before going to bed, and let it work overnight. Repeat the procedure every day or until the infection goes away.

13. Treats Your Pets’ Wounds

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, applying a bit of castor oil on your pets` wound helps accelerate the healing.

14. Safe and Natural Laxative

According to a 2010 study, castor oil packs help reduce constipation in elderly individuals.  Even the FDA notes that castor oil is “generally regarded as safe and effective” for use as a stimulant laxative.

Take it orally can purge the digestive tract in a matter of hours. The dose is the key, so make sure you get the adequate dose. Adults can take one tablespoon or two, while children 2-12 years old should take only a teaspoon or two.

15. Treats Hemorrhoids

Soak a cotton ball in castor oil and apply directly onto the hemorrhoid. Let it work for about 15 minutes and wear a pad to move around, if needed.  Castor oil really works wonders when it comes to shrinking hemorrhoids which are outside the body.

16. Promotes Good Sleep

Castor oil helps fall asleep easily and enjoy a deeper and longer sleep.  Additionally, you will wake up more refreshed and invigorated in the morning.  To reap these benefits, simply dab castor oil on the eyelids before bedtime.

17. Stops Colic in Infants

Colic typically occurs during the first months of baby`s life and often leads to excessive crying. While the root cause remains unknown, it is believed that gas is the major culprit.  To stop colic, warm some castor oil by rubbing it between the palms, and place it on the baby`s abdomen.


18. All-Around Lubricant

Castor oil works amazingly for items that need lubrication, such as squeaky meat grinders, scissors, or hinges.  It withstands both hot and cold temperatures, thanks to its viscosity.

Caution! Castor Oil Can Stimulate Labor

It has been scientifically shown that ricinoleic acid causes contraction of the intestines and uterus, which in turn can stimulate labor.

A study involving 100 pregnant women found that half of the group given castor oil went into labor within 24 hours. However, it isn’t recommended to use it this way due to its potential side effects.

Castor Seeds Contain A Deadly Ingredient

Although castor oil is packed with numerous healing properties, it also contains a powerful poison called ricin. Oral, nasal, or intravenous transfusion prevents protein synthesis and destroys your cells.

However, there is no need to worry about ricin poisoning, since it is removed from the beans during the manufacturing process. As confirmed by International Journal of Toxicology’s Final Report on Castor Oil, ricin doesn’t “partition” into the oil, so it`s safe to use.

Potential Side Effects

  • People with sensitive skin may experience an allergic reaction.
  • While ricinoleic acid helps alleviate constipation, it may also cause gastrointestinal upset and discomfort, nausea, and dizziness.
  • Those suffering from digestive problems like ulcers, colitis, hemorrhoids, cramps, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome should avoid castor oil.

Via: JuicingForHealth

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