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Category: Drinks & Smoothies

Amazing Green Fat Melting Smoothie

The Best 6 Fat Melting Smoothie Recipes

Reducing fats is the process that prevents many diseases, especially belly fats. It prevents developing of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, asthma, diabetes, etc. During the process of reducing weight you should combine food that is great …
Cellulite Melting Grapefruit Juice Recipe

Cellulite Melting Juice Recipe

Cellulite for many people is a real big esthetic problem, but it does not harm your health. The number of women that struggle with this problem is very nigh – According to MayoClinic The fibrous …
pear and cucumber detox drink

Pear & Cucumber Detox Drink

Medical studies have shown that the combination of pears, ginger and cucumber is an ideal one when it comes to body cleansing and strengthening. This drink is very good for detoxification; it reduces the excess …