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Category: Drinks & Smoothies

Cleansing Smoothie Recipes

The Best 6 Body Cleansing Smoothie Recipes

This cleansing smoothie recipes will detox your entire system and eliminate all the toxins accumulated in your cells. This is a wonderful opportunity to offer whole cleanse and at the same time to provide all …
Coconut Water Beauty Smoothie For Healthy Skin

Coconut Water Beauty Smoothie For Healthy Skin

The more expensive product for skin care does not necessary mean the most powerful glow effect. Vegetables and fruits which are abundant with nutrients can achieve exactly the same effect because they have purifying and …
Creamy Push-Up Orange Smoothie

Creamy Push-Up Orange Smoothie

If you like Orange Push Up Ice-cream than you will definitely enjoy this easy to prepare orange smoothie which is very delicious.Vegan milk is used for this creamy orange smoothie recipe and is gluten-free. Add …
Turmeric smoothie

Healthy Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

How would you like to wake up and start every morning with the perfect antioxidant-smoothie, which has many healthy properties? What would you say if that smoothie is delicious also? Have you ever tasted our …
Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

Tasty Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

This tasty morning vanilla yogurt smoothie is excellent for an on-the-go weekend… We all love yogurt smoothies! We use organic kefir yogurt drinks without any added sugars or flavors and then add all the flavors …