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Irresistible,Tasty and Powerful Berry Smoothie Recipe

Introducing berries into your diet trough this amazing berry smoothie on regular basis plays a crucial role in losing weight and weight management. No matter whether you are in love with strawberries, couldn’t imagine your day without a cup of blueberries or simply can’t resist the delicacy of raspberries, keep in mind that berries can be your new weight loss weapon that will conquer those excess pounds that have been frustrating you for a while.

Being low in calories and rich in fiber, berries can make you feel full for longer, suppress appetite, boost metabolism, reduce cellulite and melt excess pounds. They are high in water which makes them excellent agents for detoxification and elimination of excess water and toxins accumulated over time.

Moreover, they contain potent antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, quercetin, and vitamin C, which makes berries powerful tool for improving memory and concentration as well as reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and mood disorders.

If you are not able to find fresh berries, then frozen berries can be used instead in the off-season months as they are just as nutritious and healthy.

Berries are superfruits that are not only nutrient rich, but also healing and weight promoting ingredients. They are considered as a perfect addition to any healthy weight loss meal-smoothies, oatmeals or salads. Regular consumption of berries improves the chances for healthy and safe weight loss in obese individuals.

Tasty Berry Smoothie Recipe

Mix blueberries with orange juice and you will get a refreshing duo with wonderful flavor. This berry smoothie can be served as breakfast. Instead of using juice and cereals use non-fat cheese on toasted bagels together with this berry smoothie.



Use a blender to blend all the ingredients, except the honey, until the mixture is smooth. After adding honey to taste, serve it over ice, speared few blueberries and a mint leave on top of the smoothie. These ingredients are for two servings, and it takes about 10 minutes for preparation.

*The use of orange juice fortified with calcium gives boost of energy and calcium additionally.

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