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Tasty Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

This tasty morning vanilla yogurt smoothie is excellent for an on-the-go weekend… We all love yogurt smoothies! We use organic kefir yogurt drinks without any added sugars or flavors and then add all the flavors at home. Made in just minutes!

By making food at home you not only control the quality, but also control what goes into the final product. Not many people realize that even those organic and all natural smoothie drinks can contain as much if not more sugar than a can of soda. Granted, it’s more of a natural sugar, but it’s sugar none the less.

This recipe can be made in any high speed blender.  This yogurt smoothie is so quick and easy to make and it is a great breakfast addition.

This is what we make when we want something sweet while still keeping it healthy. You can simply add in any other fruits you’d like in your smoothie. For this we wanted to keep it simple and we love the flavor of vanilla shining!

Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

This smoothie is abundant in fibers, which are soluble, has naturally low fat level and processed sugar.

If you want to enjoy the unique texture and flavor, vanilla yogurt smoothie is perfect for a breakfast boost or a late morning snack…


  • 100 ml semi skimmed milk
  • 150 g low fat yogurt
  • 25 g bran flakes
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 tbsp honey


Put all the ingredients in a blender or liquidizer and blend until smooth.

Pour into a cold glass and lightly sprinkle some extra honey on the top. Serve chill and immediately.

Extra Tip:

Soak the bran flakes in the semi skimmed milk for 5-10 minutes in advance to get a smoother texture.

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