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The Best Stress-Free Smoothie

Feeling anxious and stressed? You feel as if you cannot dispose the psychological anxiety inside your body? You are just on the right page! There are so many stressful situations in life that are hard to avoid so usually we cannot handle the stress.

The proper functioning of the body can slowly be disrupted by undergoing constant stress. Such condition can cause certain disease like high blood pressure, weakened immune system, weight gain, diabetes and even cancer.

Maybe you should consider to start consume food which is helpful in the stress combat.

Stress Free Smoothie

One effective way in the fight against stress is consuming food rich in vitamin C. If you often include this kind of food on your menu, on a daily basis, you will fell carefree and relaxed.

All components that are necessary for stress elimination are packed in strawberries. Their abundance with magnesium and vitamin C helps to minimize the irritability and anxiety.

Kiwi is a fruit with great potential in fighting against tension and stress. It is a great source of vitamin C which significantly lowers the level of stress hormones in the bloodstream.

If you want to reduce stress in a natural way you have to consume banana. The chemical compounds that it contains increase serotonin level, calm the nervous system and make you feel less frustrated and relaxed. People constantly exposed to stress and stressful situations should constantly consume this fruit.

Fresh apple juice is ideal for your body and should be consumed on a daily basis. It prevents the influence of stress hormones.

Stress-Free Smoothie Recipe

Mix these ingredients and make a delicious smoothie and enjoy in its power in relieving the stress.



  1. Put all the ingredients in a blender
  2. Blend until you get creamy texture
  3. Pour in glasses
  4. Garnish as you wish

Enjoy !

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