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How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Get Rid Of Headaches and Anxiety

A great way to make use of the medicinal characteristics of lavender which are amazing is by giving your lemonade a lavender flavor. Lavender is herb, which is aromatic and wonderful. It brings calmness to the senses.

Pure lavender oil is an essential oil which is incredible if you use it for your wellness and health. Although belongs to group of gentlest essential oils it is very powerful which makes it favorite for the uses and healing characteristics of the lavender oil in the households. Lavender oil has a chemically structure which is very complex.

It has more than 150 active compounds and that is why it is very effective in helping with lots of illnesses. Lavender oil possesses amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifier, hypotensive, and sedative properties.

lavender lemonade

Researchers from Florida have revealed that benefits from lavender oil involve lower pulse rate and reduced anxiety in taking care of students that take tests that are stressful. And in hospital settings, lavender aromatherapy has been established to decrease distress which is present pre-surgery and to cause more relaxing feeling be than resting or massage.

Lavender essential oil also has medicinal characteristics. It has been demonstrated to decrease depression, calms labor pains and helps with insomnia. There are anecdotal proofs recommends that people with hangovers, headaches, pain relief or sinus congestion will benefit from lavender oil.

Prior study of lavender has based on the olfactory administration. The olfaction of lavender has activity which is anxiolytic and has been established in some clinical medium-sized and small trials. The efficacy of aromatherapy of lavender is considered as a result of the psychological impact of the fragrance in combination with physiological impact of oils that are volatile in the limbic system.

The traditional usage of lavender may originate from the activity of lavender oil and one by one constituent that has calming impact. The olfaction of lavender oil has been demonstrated to reduce anxiety, using the Hamilton scale of rating scale as a measure, and can increase mood scores.

DIY Lavender Essential Oil with Lavender Lemonade


  • 1 cup raw honey
  • 12 cups water (pure)
  • 1 drop of lavender essential oil
  • Juice from 6 peeled lemons
  • Lavender sprigs for garnish


Make a mixture of the ingredients and then chill the lavender lemonade. Add more water or raw honey if needed and enjoy in this refreshing lavender lemonade.

Additional ways you can use Lavender Oil for Headaches and Anxiety

  • Mix Lavender essential oil (5- 6 drops) to the water while bathing if your skin in dry.
  • Diffuse Lavender in the air (10-12 drops) for naturally relieving of the stress during your working hours.
  • Put only 2 drops of Lavender in an ounce of oil which is organic and unrefined also scenes lightly and in the same time is your favorite (like olive or almond oil) to make an oil for the body together with the advantages of lavender for skin improving and mind relaxing. It will also help you sleep and will ward off insects.
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