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Here Is How To Cure Ovarian Cyst With Folk Medicines

Ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac. It can form in many places in the body. Ovarian cyst form in or on the ovaries. But it needs treatment only if it overgrows or multiply.

The condition is most common in women and almost all women develop the ovarian cyst once.

If you have developed an Ovarian Cyst and are worried about getting the surgery done to remove, here are few simple methods to treat the cyst without going under the knife.

Here Is How To Cure Ovarian Cyst With Folk Medicines

Method 1 – Aloe Vera

Preparation – Grate and squeeze the juice from the Aloe Vera leaves after keeping them in the fridge for two weeks. Take similar proportion of honey and mix the aloe juice with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.

Treatment – Heat the mixture and get a tampon (any medical store will have it) and dip it in the mixture. Put the tampon in the vagina and keep it overnight.

Another alternative is to use camphor oil with honey in same ratio and follow the same method of soaking the tampon in it and putting it overnight in the vagina.

This process can be followed while the Aloe Vera leaves are kept in the fridge. Use tampon dipped in honey and camphor for ten days. Take a break for next ten days and then use a tampon soaked in Aloe Vera and honey for another ten days.

A bio-stimulating Aloe Vera juice enriched with aloe ferments is also useful in treating polycystic ovaries and is more useful than freshly squeezed juice.

Method 2 –Nuts

Cook the finely chopped nuts in boiling water for twenty minutes and cool it. Strain and drink half cup of this beverage three times a day to treat the ovarian cyst.

Method 3 – Onion & Honey

In the morning, take a medium sized onion and soak in it honey completely. By night, before bedtime, make a tampon of it. Either use a cotton gauze or use the one you have. Soak the tampon in the mixture and insert it in the vagina and let it be there overnight. If the cyst is in its early stages, it will be healed completely with this treatment in ten or more days.

Method 4 –Ointment for Ovarian Cyst

To make this miraculous balm, take one cup of vegetable oil and heat it while putting a piece of beeswax in it (about 50 gms – size of match box) to melt it. Take an egg and half boil it. Mash the egg and mix it with oil and wax. Stir well to mix all the ingredients.

Cool the mixture and strain it. Refrigerate it.

Soak the tampons in the mixture and insert in the vagina and leave it overnight. This treatment is also good for inflammation of the reproductive organs.

Via: FloLiving

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