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Detox Water Recipes for Flat Belly, Cleansing and Craving Control

We all need something refreshing during spring and summer, so here are three detox water recipes that you will find useful and delicious as well.

1. Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe

The most problematic part of the body of women and men is the belly. Therefore, when one prepares for the summer, which in most cases is a last minute decision, the target area is the belly. So, you can both be ignorant and disregard your body appearance or you can try and make this easy detox water recipe which will help you a lot.

The ingredients for preparation of flat belly detox water are the following:

  • ½ small sliced lemon
  • 3-5 slices of cucumber
  • ¼ of sliced orange
  • a few fresh mint leaves
  • 24 oz of ice cold water

Just make a mixture of the ingredients in a pitcher and consume the detox water during the day. Have in mind to buy organic ingredients for better effects.

detox water recipes

What benefits do you get from each ingredient?

Lemon – Rich in Vitamin C and citric acid, lemons are helpful for problems with  digestion: constipation or indigestion. They clean the digestive system and help to speed up the metabolism.

Cucumber – Cucumbers have antioxidant characteristics and they help the digestion which is due to the high level of water because of the high water and content of minerals.

Orange – Oranges are abundant in Vitamin A, which according  to two Japanese studies help you reduce the chance of getting liver cancer. They also are full of fiber and therefore promote digestion.

Mint – It will soothe any stomach cramps and also reduce inflammation.

Water – Whenever water is mentioned, you already know that it is the number one thing keeping you hydrated and healthy.

2. Daily Cleansing Detox Water Recipe

If a feeling of bloating bothers you during the day then you should try this recipe.

The simple ingredients that you will need for its preparation are:

  • 34 or 68 ounces of water (1 or 2 liters) – depending if you want it to taste strong or not
  • a few slices of watermelon
  • a few slices of cucumber
  • 1 lime or lemon
  • 10 to 12 fresh leaves of mint

How will these ingredients help you cleanse your system?

Lime – The citric acid that the lime contains is a great antioxidant and burner of fat, which helps the detoxification of your body and decreases the level of free radicals. Lime also has a low glycemic index which helps regulate your blood sugar and therefore fights diabetes.

Watermelon – The high water and fiber content of watermelon ease constipation and function as a natural diuretic which helps you whenever you feel bloated. Citrulline is a compound that is responsible for the effect of detoxification of the watermelon.

3. Craving Control Detox Water Recipe

Do you sometimes eat between the meals even though you don’t feel hunger? Do you catch yourself munching between meals without even feeling hungry? If you enjoy some sugary of greasy unhealthy foods which ruin the whole concept of a healthy diet, then you should try this recipe.


  • 24 ounces of water (ice cold)
  • 1 sliced strawberry
  • ½ lemon (sliced)
  • a few fresh leaves of mint
  • ¼ tablespoon of cinnamon
  • ¼ sliced apple

Why will this detox water decrease the feeling of hunger and cravings?

Strawberry – Flavonoids and ellagic acid are important fighters against cancer, reduce inflammation and lower the bad cholesterol in your body. They are low in calories and contain natural sugar which will keep you satisfied and keep those extra pounds off the scale.

Cinnamon – When it comes to cinnamon, be aware that the only type of cinnamon that is “true” is the Ceylon one and the other types are varieties that are fake. Cinnamon increases the sensitivity of the hormone insulin and therefore regulates your metabolism.

Apple – Apples are good for getting your stool into balance, because they beat diarrhea and constipation as well. Also, if you have an irritable bowel syndrome, apples will reduce the uncomfortable abdominal pain and bloating. Because they are abundant in fiber, they will fill you up, reduce your hunger and control your weight.

Choose your recipe according to your purpose. The ultimate goal of all detox water recipes is to keep you hydrated, healthy and help you flush all the toxins out of your body. And, when you ask about the amount of detox water you should drink daily, I would say: The more the merrier!

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