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Category: Fruits & Veggies

Benefits of Wild Yam

Wild yam: Benefits, Uses and Possible Risks

Wild yam is a plant that’s currently used as a treatment for certain inflammatory problems. It has beneficial properties and some experts claim that it could be positive for health. However, there are also risks …
Health Benefits of Asparagus

8 Proven Health Benefits of Asparagus

As well as containing vitamins and minerals, asparagus is a diuretic and is rich in fiber which helps to prevent water retention and constipation. The best time to eat asparagus is in the spring. During …
Health Benefits of Lentils

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Lentils

Have you heard about the benefits of lentils? Lentils, or Lens culinaris in scientific terms, are a legume that has found a place in the culinary tradition of many different cultures. This is partly due …