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Colon Cleansing Remedy With Two Powerful Ingredients

With simply colon cleansing many health problems can be avoided. Eliminating of parasites and mucus from the intestines and fecal debris is imminent, because through the intestines during an average lifetime people spend over 180.000 pounds food and 12.000 gallons liquid, of which over 40 pounds are toxic substances accumulated in the stomach. They contaminate your blood and cause many diseases.

There are several signs that your intestines are not clean such as: constipation, diabetes, disturbed metabolism, obesity, arthritis, cancer, kidney stones, vision and skin problems. You need colon cleansing.

Complete colon cleansing is very important for your body. But, you should also look out for the full preservation of the intestinal microflora. Therefore, get flax seed flour and consume 1-3 tablespoons daily.

Kefir and flaxseed flour colon cleansing remedy

With entrance of flax seed flour in your organism, you will not only cleanse your intestines, but will normalize your weight and will burn excess fat. Flax seeds flour also will lower cholesterol levels.


  • inflammation of the gastrointestinal and upper respiratory tract.
  • gastric ulcer, colitis and gastritis.
  • lipid metabolism disorders, obesity.
  • urinary tract infections, pyelonephritis, cystitis.

Kefir and Flax seeds – Colon Cleansing Recipe

Use this mixture instead of breakfast for the next 3 weeks:

  • 1st week: 1 tbsp flax seed flour and 4 oz kefir.
  • 2nd week: 2 tbsp flax seed flour and 4 oz kefir.
  • 3rd week: 3 tbsp flax seed flour and 5 oz kefir.

Here’s a helpful link for how to prepare kefir and what are it health benefits.

If you can find flax seed flour in the healthy food stores, but if you do not have healthy food store nearby, you can use flax seeds and grind them finely. Grind a dose of flax seed enough for the breakfast only.

This is a great replacement for your breakfast over the next 3 weeks. To ease the process of cleansing you should start the day with one cup of lukewarm lemon water and make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Practice colon cleansing once a year.

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