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Early Potentially Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer That No One Talks About

As a woman, it is your first duty to take proper and complete care of your body. It has increasingly become important to take care of your sensitive body parts, such as your breasts. Make sure to have your breasts tested for early signs of breast cancer once every 6 months.

It is also possible to test them at home whenever you want. When it comes to breast cancer, it is important to take action at the right time. This is why you must be aware of the risks so that you are always ready to take precautionary steps.

A number of research organizations and universities are working on informing more and more women about the risks. They are also busy collecting funds for further research work on finding a cure for breast cancer.

Many of the symptoms of such a risk are easy for anyone to identify. As a woman you must know about them. Besides, you should also be able to notice suspicious changes in your breasts.

Here are 4 red marks that could mean breast cancer. Make sure you never take them lightly, especially because they can seem to be too common.

Early Signs Of Breast Cancer That No One Talks About

Early Potentially Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

Look Beyond the Lumps

Usually, doctors will look for lumps as part of initial signs of breast cancer. Once they find them, they look for further signs of breast cancer to confirm. Mammogram X-ray is commonly used to detect any masses, lumps or any deformity that may be connected to malignancy.

The disturbing point is that mammograms themselves work through the process of ionization of radiation. This in itself is considered a possible cause behind cancer. Besides, the results cannot be trusted for 100% accuracy of the diagnoses.

Breast cancer exists in 2 main forms – benign and malign. It is the malign type that is dangerous. But mammograms cannot differentiate between the two. So this method could result in incorrect identification of the type of cancer, leading to needless treatment involving radiation and chemotherapy.

Thermotherapy is considered to be an improved alternative to mammograms. Using this method, the doctor can view the lumps and also recognize if the process of angiogenesis is happening in the breast.

Angiogenesis involves the development of new set of blood vessels. If this process is detected, it means that your body is attempting to create a new system to deliver blood to the newly developing breast tumors.

Checking Cell Health & Hormones

Many doctors are beginning to think that our genetics also play a key role in cancer. In other words, there is a higher chance of a mother passing it down to her daughter. However, there are even more risk factors that can cause cancer. Some of the important ones include:

  • Environmental factors
  • Food
  • Your lifestyle

These factors have an effect on your endocrine system and the production and regulation of hormones. Researchers now believe that hormone imbalance is the leading risk factor in breast cancer.

Make sure to always consult your doctor if you notice any kind of pain or ache in your breasts. It could be in the form of just mild pain, changing level of discomfort or a sensation of throbbing rarely. Most females think that the cancer is present only when they find some lump that also causes pain. But the fact is that it can be present in the form of dispersed seed-like tumors. Sometimes they may also grow into the tissue as tiny tentacles.

According to the researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, it is not necessary that breast cancer should always appear with lumps. They can also appear with other symptoms like irritation, inflammation, abnormal discharge from the nipple (outside lactation), formation of dimples, inversion of nipple, the skin becoming red or thick near the nipple.

According to Dr. Naoto Ueno of MD Anderson Cancer Center, many times breast cancers may just have a tiny lump. Sometimes there may be no lump. It may be nothing more than the skin looking a little odd or redness, which may appear normal to the person.

Relation Between Back Pain & Breast Cancer

If you are suffering from upper back pain with a sensation that it is originating deep in the bones, it should be taken seriously. It has been found to be an early indication of this type of cancer in some cases. But that doesn’t mean that all kinds of back pain are associated with breast cancer.

If you suffer from unending back pain that continues to be there even after chiropractic treatment and stretching, it could mean that it is the initial stage of formation of the cancer. If you notice gradually developing pain and some noticeable pressure due to tissue growth, it is time you saw your doctor.

Deficiency of Essential Nutrients

As a precaution to breast cancer, it is important to ensure that your body gets all the essential nutrients. Especially if your food is low on certain nutrients like iodine and vitamin D, there is enhanced risk of getting this type of cancer. There is widespread deficiency of nutrients among Americans and Europeans. It can be intriguing if you think that something you are not eating could be the cause behind diseases like breast cancer.

According to surveys, almost three-fourth adults who are categorized as healthy are suffering from iodine deficiency. Studies show that deficiency of this nutrient is one of the leading causes of development of cancerous cells, not only in the breast but in other parts too. Similarly, deficiency of vitamin D is also considered a serious risk factor.

According to a study conducted in 2012, which was reported by the Indian Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, lack of vitamin D is one of the common traits of females who suffer from breast cancer. There have been other research works too that reported same results.

Make sure to add all the essential nutrients in your food and never ignore the ones that help fight cancer. This also includes zinc and selenium.

It can also be beneficial if you consult an integrative doctor or experienced naturopath. Such a practitioner is capable of recognizing deficiency of any particular nutrient. They can also help you achieve optimal biological balance for preventing the changes of breast cancer.

Via: WebMD & Cancer.org

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