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Grape Seed Extract More Efficient Than Chemotherapy

If you carefully compare the effects of chemotherapy and the effects that you can expect from the bioactive compounds that are part of grape seed extract, you will notice that this natural remedy can sometimes be much more effective than chemotherapy.

In addition, you should know that grape seed don’t come with any side effects compared to chemotherapy that can seriously damage other systems in your body and it also doesn’t guarantee that the patient will be cured or that the cancer won’t appear again after a while.

Grape Seed Extract Health Benefits

According to a recent study that took place in Colorado’s Center for Cancer Research, grape seed extract can prevent the progress and spreading of cancer and in some cases, it can eliminate it. Even in cases where patients deal with cancer in the fourth stadium, grape seed extract can provide positive effects. Therefore, it is no surprise why so many supplements and capsules are found on the market these days.


The scientists from Colorado have confirmed that grape seed extract has the ability to act on several cell mutations and changes and it can both destroy and prevent the spreading of cancer all over the body. Using 200 mg of grape seed extract per day can prevent the formation of colorectal cancer. In addition, this amazing extract can prevent and heal few other diseases too.

Thanks to its strong ability to improve the health of blood vessels, this extract can not only reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, but it can also improve the weak and fragile capillaries and improve blood flow especially in the extremities.

That’s why many experts consider this extract to be a very useful supplement for almost all types of cardiovascular insufficiencies as well as for all types of bad cardiovascular functions, including varicose veins, diabetes, certain cases of impotency, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet and spasms in the legs. Grape seed extract stimulates the work even of the smallest blood vessels, so it can definitely improve the blood circulation in our eyes.

It is often recommended as a supplement useful in cases of eyeball spots and cataracts – one of the main reasons for blindness in old people. Besides that, this extract can be very helpful for people who use computers on a daily basis. Few studies have confirmed that taking about 300 mg of this extract every day in a period of two months can reduce the eyestrain associated with the work on computer and improve the contrast eyesight.

In addition, grape seed extract helps the preservation and strengthening of the collagen found in the skin and you can often find it in the most popular cosmetic creams as an ingredient that helps the elasticity of skin.

This extract can also ease the symptoms of allergies because it prevents the release of substances that lead to these symptoms (like histamine for example). These are some of the most important grape seed extract health benefits when they are used in the form of extract.

However, grape seed oil can be quite useful too. According to a study conducted by a group of scientists working at the University of Syracuse Health Science Center in the state of New York, two tablespoons of grape seed oil per day can increase the level of good cholesterol by 15% and reduce the level of triglycerides by 14% in a period of only 4 weeks. This oil can be used instead of many other essential oils in the process of cooking or in salads.

We hope that these benefits will encourage you to try grape seed extract and oil.

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