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Ginger – The most Powerful Protector of the Body

The power of ginger root is incredible. Ginger is one of the most powerful protectors of the body, containing vitamin C, selenium, potassium, manganese and beta-carotene. Beside that activates the immune system, soothes stomach pain, stimulates digestion, also has high diuretic and antiseptic properties.

Powerful antioxidant with antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, sedative and antipyretic effect and moreover, it is regarded as a good aphrodisiac.

Against the Cold and Flu

If you regularly use ginger – which is a powerful antioxidant and has antibacterial properties – can prevent onset of colds and flu and possible complications of these conditions.

Ginger will boost our immunity, will facilitate breathing and relieve headache. Ginger encourages the sweating, so it is great for reducing high body temperature.

Ginger Reduces Stress

Ginger is rich with the gingerol antioxidant, which helps in removing harmful substances produced by our body in a stressful situation. And thus reducing the influence of psychological stress. During stress the digestive process is disrupted, so there is nausea, ginger is a remedy for this problem too.

ginger root

Pacifier of Morning Sickness

Very few synthetic and natural drugs are allowed during pregnancy. However, ginger can be freely used in small quantities as a remarkable tool for removal of morning sickness. When you feel nausea drink ginger tea.

Cure for Arthritis

Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it is effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other disorders of muscle and connective tissue.

Chemical compounds that ginger contains are useful in preventing the process of biosynthesis of prostaglandin, which is responsible for creating inflammation. Some studies show that in case of arthritis it is much more efficient from conventional medicines.

Helps in Diets

Although proper diet and regular exercise are the only way to struggle with excess weight, there are many odd accessories that can help us in the process of weight loss. Among them is ginger too.

This medicinal root accelerates the metabolism, lowers cholesterol, helps with the secretion of saliva and digestion of food, reduces flatulence and constipation, all of which contributes to weight loss.

Cure for Cold Hands and Feet

Syndrome of the cold hands and feet no longer applies only to the older population. This root is a powerful tool for improving circulation, and is recommended for all who have this problem. Best results are achieved if you regularly drink hot tea from ginger.

Perfect choice for the health of the whole body. A perfect cure for stomach pains and abdominal pain. Proven cure for colds, flu, sinus problems and chronic asthma.

Beneficial effect in chronic fatigue problems, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and pain. With amazing antibacterial properties which eliminate the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, reduces pain and acids in the stomach, the likelihood of ulcer and its treatment. The best prevention and treatment of gastritis.

It reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol and protects the liver from fattening. Also improves memory and increases the energy of the body. Improves potency and reproductive health in men.

Via: NaturalSociety

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