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Hawthorn Berries – Powerful Herb That Can Protect You From Heart Attack And Cardiovascular Diseases

The Chinese have been using hawthorn in fermented drinks for years. In fact, its remains were found by archaeologists in bowls that were more than 9,000 years old. So far, people in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Mediterranean use hawthorn and it has since spread all over the world. While it is called hawthorn, there are many other aliases for this powerful herb such as white thorn, sharp thorn, and haw to name a few.

Remedy for the heart

Hawthorn has found to be very beneficial to the heart because of an active ingredient in it that acts as an antioxidant. There is also trimethylamine which is an essential oil. It not only contains essential oils but also fructose, glycosides, tannins, saponin, salt of phosphoric acid, sodium, calcium, and potassium.

An infamous homeopath, Vilmar Schwabe, even included the benefits of the berries in a book that was very popular and increased the popularity of hawthorn which resulted in scientific research conducted on it.

Hawthorn reduces the risk of heart attack

Hawthorn can reduce the risk of heart attacks and is an extremely invaluable aid for the heart. For those who have issues with hypertension, high cholesterol levels, or the hardening of blood vessels, there are many positive effects from hawthorn.

It protects and helps anyone who is at risk of cardiovascular disease. The hawthorn is a safe and helpful treatment for those who have early signs of heart disease and is also very effective for those who have more advanced stages of heart disease.

Hawthorn overall helps to maintain a healthy circulatory system and blood pressure. This can aid people who have weakened heart muscles or have cardiac arrhythmias. Even if a person has already had a heart attack, it can still help to increase the flow of blood through coronary vessels. It also improves the activity of the cells of the heart. Anyone who is 50 years or older should really consider utilizing hawthorn for overall heart health.

Hawthorn and all its health benefits

Hawthorn also has many other useful health benefits as it has a calming effect. It also aids with fatigue, decreased energy, poor sleep habits, breathing difficulties, anxiety, nervousness, tinnitus in the ears, dizziness, and a pounding heart. It is also useful for joint issues, edema, and cellulite removal. It helps remove water waste from the body and promotes weight loss.

It also helps strengthen the connective tissues in the body. Since it acts as an anti-inflammatory, it is helpful for digestive issues. It also prevents any vascular diseases like atherosclerosis and protects against the adverse effects of free radicals in the body.

It is not recommended for nursing mothers or pregnant women. Otherwise, it is safe and studies indicate it is well tolerated.

How to use it properly

Crush up leaves and flowers of 20 grams of hawthorns’ berries. Pour 200 ml of 70 percent alcohol with it. Periodically mix it. After three weeks, strain the mixture. Put 20 drops of the hawthorn liquid into a beverage and drink up. This drink will aid in supporting all disease of the circulatory and nervous systems and provides prevention for any of these diseases.

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