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DIY Homemade Drain Cleaner – Green and Non-Toxic

It is a common problem.  At some point, the water is backed up because the bathroom or kitchen drain are clogged. At time to time unpleasant and horrible odors are let loose. People usually use standard drain cleaners which are lye-based. However, these products are toxic and can cause damage to the pipes. They can also damage your lungs. In case you can’t clean the drain taking measures that are preventive there is a homemade drain cleaner that is a natural solution.

Alternatively of reaching for that bottle of caustic drain cleaner under the sink, keep our water clean by whipping up your own!

Homemade Drain Cleaner- Simple and Natural Recipe

You Will Need:

  • baking soda (2 mugs)
  • boiling water (4 mugs)
  • vinegar (1 mug)

Directions for Homemade Drain Cleaner:

  1. Remove all water from the sink or tub and pour about 1 mug of baking soda in the drain. Make sure that baking soda makes it downward the drain.
  2. Next, pour about 2 mugs of boiling water down the drain. Boiling water mixed with the baking soda causes dissolving of the gunk and sludge in the pipe. You might not see it happening. Wait a few minutes.
  3. Now, pour another mug baking soda down the drain then pour 1 mug of white vinegar and immediately block the drain. If you have sink that is double block both of the drains. Sizzling will be heard how it comes up from the drain. Also bubbles will be seen as they will be foaming up.
  4. Wait till the bubbling stops and then pour the boiling water that has remained in the drain.
  5. Repeat this process if necessary. This can be used as a monthly treatment helps prevent future clogs too; simply pour a mug of baking soda down the drains followed by boiling water.

natural homemade drain cleaner

If the Drain Remains Clogged:

If the drain remains clogged after putting the homemade cleaner in it, you will have to use a sinks’ plunger that is small. The vinegar and the baking soda cause the clogging material to loosen and free the gunk. Under the pressure of the plunger the gung will start moving.

  1. The sink should be filled with water that is enough the plunger to be sealed around the bottom.
  2. The plunger should be pushed down fully and pulled up quickly. The procedure should be repeated if necessary.

Why is the Homemade Drain Cleaner Effective?

Baking soda which is a base in combination with acid that is the vinegar, causes a reaction in which sodium acetate and carbon dioxide are formed (if you remember the days in school when you built the volcano in science class- same concept! This is also a wonderful combination for baked goods for vegans!). In the drains, the scrubby bubbles are formed on their insides. Instead of lifting up and out, like the volcano, it is transferred down in the drain causing the gunk to dissolve.

These non-toxic and natural ingredients are flushed down causing the drain to be clog-free. Baking soda and vinegar are common, non-toxic ingredients that cause no harm to the health if are used as explained. They are natural ingredients used instead of sodium hydroxide, or lye, that is common ingredient in most drain cleaners.

In accordance with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the skin can be burned by sodium hydroxide. Abdominal and chest pain can be caused if it is swallowed, and can cause death if the tissue and lungs are damaged severely or can cause a shock or loss of pulse.

Via: DavidSuzuki | HealthyHolisticLiving | GreenLivingIdeas

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