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How to Get Rid of Flabby Arms – 4 Simple but Very Effective Exercises

In the easy-going world of today when mechanical work has replaced machines, it has become difficult for us to stay fit and healthy.

Using washing machines to wash clothes, dishwashers to wash utensils and using vacuum cleaners are a few examples of lack of exercise and replacement of manual work by machines and computers.

This laziness leads to weight and health issues with accumulation of flab all over the body. The bulging feel of loose flesh makes you repulsive against your own self being.

Four easy home exercises for how to get rid of flabby arms

The four best home-based exercises that do not require any expensive and sophisticated gym equipment and that help you to perfectly tone your arm muscles are:

The Windmill


Stand straight and raise both your arms parallel to the ground in front of you. Now raise them upwards and start rotating them up and down in a backward motion completing 360 degrees action, similar to the blades of a windmill. Repeat the exercise twenty times each for backward and forward motion of arms.

The Waving Goodbye Action


Stand straight and raise your arms at shoulder level at your sides. By keeping your arms still, start waving your palms replicating the action as if waving goodbye to someone. Repeat the action with the speed of 100 waves per minute. Perform 3 sets with 100 waves each.

The Praying Pose


Stand straight and join both your hands in a praying pose on top of your head. Bring the joint arms low to your chest level and then raise them again. Perform this action for 30 cycles.

Stretching Arms


Stand straight and raise both your hands on top of your head. Catch hold of your right hand wrist in your left palm and left hand wrist in your right palm to form an interlock. Now keeping your right elbow behind your head, pull your right hand towards left using your left hand. Release the pull and reach hands to the center again. Repeat this action by pulling your left hand towards right using your right hand. Perform this action in two sets and repeat for 20 times.

Benefits of these exercises

These little workouts do not need dedicated time and space and can be carried out anytime, anywhere. These exercises help you stretch all your arm muscles by engaging your biceps and triceps and toning them rightly.

Via: WikiHow

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