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Japanese Face Mask – Your Face Will Look 10 Years Younger!

Regardless of their age, it seems to be very difficult to find a Japanese woman that has unhealthy skin. There are many people who say that Japanese women look like they are 30 years old even when they are 50 thanks to their incredibly healthy skin. The secret lies in this wonderful Japanese face mask prepared with rice and honey.

Japanese women are praised for their radiant, smooth, flawless and younger-looking skin. That’s why many women around the world take them as role models when it comes to skin health and skin beauty.

But, have you ever wondered what is their secret and how they maintain their skin and make it look so beautiful for years?

japanese face mask

What are their practices that make them different from the rest of women?

It turns out that their practice is more than regular use of suitable moisturizer and cleanser. They also do more than typical masking and exfoliation. In addition, the genetic difference doesn’t play major role in this situation.

The belief that Asian women especially Japanese women have genes that make them look younger is wrong. There is another thing that makes them look youthful and this well-kept secret is now revealed.

Bring more rice in your life!

In the past, geisha’s used rice bran to make their skin and hair softer. They took baths in the water where chefs were rinsing uncooked rice. It is amazing how they knew even back then that this water has strong antioxidant properties.

In addition, rice helps people preserve their skin health against UV radiation, feed the skin and protect us from wrinkles. In case you want a perfectly smooth and youthful skin, you must include rice in your life especially this Japanese face mask prepared with rice.

Japanese Face Mask Recipe


  • Three tablespoons of rice
  • One tablespoon of milk
  • One tablespoon of organic honey


  1. Take the rice and cook it in cold tap water; slowly over low-medium heat
  2. Once it is cooked, strain the content and keep the liquid.
  3. Use cold water to wash the drained boiled rice and pour one tablespoon of warm milk. Stir the ingredients well and pour one tablespoon of organic honey.
  4. Put the mask on the face and neck after you clean them well.
  5. Wait for 30 minutes before you use the strained rice water to rinse the face and neck.

Keep in mind that you can keep the rice water in the fridge for four days. Apply this liquid early in the morning and before bedtime as a natural facial toner. You can also create ice cubes from it and rub your face with the cubes.

Now that you know the secret of Japanese women, try this Japanese face mask on your face and neck and rejuvenate yourself.

Via: Instructables

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