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What is the Lazy Keto Diet? How it Works and What are its Risks

The lazy keto diet is a very restrictive type of ketogenic diet that is committed to reducing carbohydrate intake as much as possible to generate certain benefits. However, this dietary approach is not valid for everyone. Adherence is not always good and this can condition medium-term follow-up, increasing the rebound effect.

At the same time, it should be noted that low carbohydrate regimens may not be suitable for certain populations, especially athletes. In these cases, carbohydrates are the main energy substrate for carrying out high-intensity activities.

What is the “lazy keto” diet based on?

Unlike other more flexible ketogenic diet protocols, lazy keto allows a maximum daily intake of 20 grams of carbohydrates. Therefore, it ensures a state of constant ketosis in which the liver produces glucose from other elements, such as amino acids and fatty acids.

Calories are not counted in this version. The only thing that matters is to control that limit of 20 grams of carbohydrates.

This can have positive considerations in the treatment of some pathologies, such as type 2 diabetes. This is evidenced by research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

In fact, this type of diet became popular to improve the management of diseases associated with the central nervous system, such as drug-resistant epilepsy. There is much evidence that this approach significantly reduces the intensity and frequency of seizures. It may be a recommended alternative for these patients.

Now, they are currently used to improve the state of body composition. This has its pros and cons.

If there is a metabolic pathology, they can work. Along with other good habits. But for people who are just overweight, there are less restrictive options that build more adherence over time.

Risks of the “lazy keto” diet

The risks of the lazy keto diet are limited. It is a safe approach for health, although it can generate certain side effects in the short term.

Most of them are of a gastrointestinal type, such as constipation. And they are produced by the lack of fiber that this pattern entails. After all, this substance is necessary to increase the volume of the bolus and to facilitate transit through the digestive tract.

What is known as keto flu can also be experienced during the first few days. This is how an article published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition describes it.

It presents with tiredness, headache in some cases and fatigue. Although it is true that it subsides as the days go by, for some people it can cause excessive discomfort. A progressive introduction to the approach would reduce the intensity of this problem.

But perhaps the main risk is associated with the practice of exercise. Doing physical activity in conditions of ketosis will cause a decrease in performance.

And when we talk about strength work, the incidence of muscle injuries could also be increased. Therefore, intense sport is not recommended at this time.

If what is intended is to improve the state of body composition, it is possible to adopt a lazy keto diet, although accompanied by light aerobic exercise. High protein intake will be efficient to retain lean tissue, avoiding catabolism. In turn, the situation of ketosis will stimulate the mobilization and oxidation of fats.

An extreme version and difficult to follow

As you have seen, lazy keto is an extreme version of the ketogenic diet. It is not easy to follow for most people, since it involves a strict food restriction.

It can become monotonous and repetitive, leaving aside the gastrointestinal effects it causes. For this reason, adhesion is usually not good.

Finally, keep in mind that if the goal is to improve health, it will not be enough to optimize the diet. We will have to start a series of habits as a whole.

For example, it is crucial to promote the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis. Especially emphasizing strength work. This keeps inflammation in the internal environment under control.

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