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What is the Master Cleanse Diet?

Each day, just in the normal course of feeding their body the nutrition it needs to survive, individuals fill themselves with toxins. Even poor air quality can put these unhealthy particles in an individual’s system.

Starving oneself, or living their life inside a bubble, are not practical solutions to prevent toxins from getting into the body. So, is there anything individuals can do to flush these unhealthy chemicals?

There is a liquid diet known as the Master Cleanse Diet, which through drinking its healthy mixture will allow the body to flush away the toxic byproducts of life.

Basic Diet Overview

With over eight decades of researched documentation, the Master Cleanse has become an important detoxification tool for millions of individuals around the world.

The Master Cleanse Diet has been referred to by a variety of names. Most take into account the series of ingredients that make up the daily drink.

However, they all adhere to one basic concept. Through a liquid-based diet, which incorporates a perfect blend of calories and nutrients, individuals can flush unhealthy toxic chemicals from their body.

Another very appealing outcome from using the Master Cleanse Diet is weight loss. It has been proclaimed by famous individuals as the perfect solution to detox the body while helping individuals shed unwanted pounds.

Claims of The Master Cleanse Diet

A few of the claims Master Cleanse Diet makes have come from famous individuals. In fact, in some circles, this diet is actually referred to by the name of a famous singer.

While there have been limited scientific disputes as to how toxically cleansing the process is, there have been few reports using the Master Cleanse doesn’t help individuals lose weight. There have been claims from users who indicated they lost more weight than they could have imagined.

Once beginners worked their way through the first few days, they reported an astounding improvement in their energy levels. Since solid foods are completely removed from an individual’s diet, this claim is one of the more astonishing benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet.

There are ingredients in the Master Cleanse Diet that contain phenol content, which has been proven to work in an antioxidant capacity. It’s this gradual cleansing of the body’s internal chemistry that is believed to be responsible for claims of improved mood and increased energy.

Rules of The Diet

Individuals should take it easy at the start of this diet and avoid jumping in day number one relying on nothing but a liquid source of nutrition.

They should slowly reduce their solid food intake over this three-day period while beginning the liquid Master Cleanse. Once individuals reach day four, they can commence a full ten-day schedule.

Individuals should keep in mind the uncomfortable psychological cravings for solid food will diminish. Helping ease the stomach into the Master Cleanse happens during the first three days. As an individual’s physical aversion to no solid food fades, their mental fortitude will strengthen as well.

Individuals following this cleanse should remember to include one daily detox every day. A saltwater flush or nightly detox tea will help remove toxins from the body.

The Master Cleanse Diet calls for six and eighteen glasses per day. The drink starts with two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then, individuals add two tablespoons of maple syrup and a sixteenth teaspoon of cayenne pepper, before mixing these ingredients in eight ounces of pure water.

Once individuals finish the ten-day full Master Cleanse schedule, they should ease themselves off the diet over a final three days. During these days, individuals should gradually reintroduce solid food back into their diet.

Risks of The Diet

There have been few reports of any risks to using the Master Cleanse over the short term. The two periods suggested within the rules of the diet help reduce the potential risks. It is important to allow the stomach time to adapt to the removal of solid food.

Individuals should also follow the same three-day schedule to reintroduce solid food to the body to avoid unnecessary bloating and cramping.

Some users experience mild to severe instances of fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. If these symptoms appear serious, it is recommended for individuals to stop the Master Cleanse until they consult a medical professional.

First-time users of the Master Cleanse approach experience some of these short-term risks, but they rarely resurface in a subsequent cleansing. There is also a limited risk of dehydration during the Master Cleanse.

It is also important to include the steps necessary to complete a daily detox to avoid various bowel problems that can occur as a result of a straight liquid diet.

The Final Evaluation of The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is a modification of various juice diets. It has proven successful across numerous decades, referred to by a host of colorful names.

The body’s source of nutrition will come from a liquid source of vitamins and minerals, specially designed to fuel the body’s need for energy while flushing toxic chemicals.

Since there are no solid foods ingested during the period individuals are on the Master Cleanse Diet, it is a true form of fasting. Individuals are encouraged to make lifestyle changes if poor diet practices are responsible for them being overweight.

While the Master Cleanse will flush toxins from the body and help individuals shed unwanted pounds, to maintain a healthy body requires a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. This commitment needs to include wise diet choices.

Via: VeryWellFit | WebMD

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