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Reduce Bloating and Gas with these Simple Home Remedies

Although harmless, intestinal gas, a completely natural part of the digestive process can be a really uncomfortable condition. It can make people embarrassed, especially if it happens at the worst time possible. There are factors that significantly contribute to bloating and gas like spicy food, excessive drinking, chewing food improperly, buildup of bacteria, many problems with digestion and many others.

In this condition, you might feel some stomach pain, bad breath, burping and flatulence.

To ease this situation, you can take some antacids or some other natural treatments that will control and reduce bloating and gas.

Home Remedies to Reduce Bloating and Gas

reduce bloating and gas

Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes how to reduce bloating and gas, apple cider vinegar is the perfect home remedy. It can also treat indigestion, a result of poor digestion process. You just have to add 2 teaspoons of ACV to a glass of warm water. Let it cools a bit and then drink this solution. This is helpful for easing gas and bloating.


Caraway crackers and seeds are an excellent remedy when you have problems with excessive gas in the body. It is traditionally used for treating digestive problems, especially buildup of gas. If you have problems with this kind of condition, chew on few caraway crackers or seeds. If this happens regularly, chew on caraway seeds on a daily basis in the morning until the symptoms disappear.

Lemon and baking soda

This powerful combination is an effective home treatment that fights gas and bloating. Take one glass squeeze some lemon juice and then add some baking soda. This solution will immediately start fizzing. However, stir the solution well because the baking soda should be dissolved properly.


The poor digestion is the main reason for causing gas, which can build up in your stomach. Another reason that can lead to this condition is food rich in fiber. Fiber is not that easy to digest so the bacteria that breaks it down can create gas and bloating. In this case, pumpkin is the perfect solution because it can effectively ease this condition.


The stomach can be soothed and the buildup of gas can be minimized by the addition of cinnamon powder (half a teaspoon) in a glass of warm milk.  The mixture should be well stirred for properly dissolving the ingredients. You can also drink some cinnamon tea to release this condition.

These natural home remedies will help you ease these digestive problems without using any chemicals.

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