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One of The Best Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Earwax

Even though there are many remedies and solutions that can be purchased in the pharmacy, here we will present to you extraordinary, extremely powerful and one of the best home remedies for ear infections, which provides far better results.

Usually, the drops that can be obtained from the pharmacy contain only isopropyl alcohol to wash out and dry the ear. This remedy is completely natural and all the ingredients that you need to make it are white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

White vinegar is a powerful antibiotic and has antimicrobial properties. Therefore it effectively fights infection. The combination of these two powerful ingredients is amazingly effective and it can fight infections, soothe the ear pain, dry your ear and break down the earwax.

This natural remedy is recommended in cases of mild to moderate ear infection, wax build up and water. Though, you should consult your doctor, if you experience more serious problems.

One of The Best Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Earwax

For the preparation of this magnificent remedy you will need only two ingredients – white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

All you need to do is mix 1 part of white vinegar and 1 part of rubbing alcohol. Now take a teaspoon and fill it with this mixture. Tilt your head to one side and pour the mixture from the spoon into your ear. Stay in that position for approximately 1 minute. After one minute sit upright and let the mixture run out of your ear.

In order to clear out the earwax, the trapped water and to treat the ear infection, you must repeat this procedure two times a day.

Note: If you do not feel improvements in three days, please consult with your doctor!

According to many people this remedy is extremely powerful and effective, and we recommend you to try this recipe because it is one of the best home remedies for ear infections and earwax.

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