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Natural Hair Dye – 3 Ways To Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally

If you are looking for signs of aging, then you should know that nothing highlights this natural process more than gray hair. So, it is no surprise why the hair coloring industry is making billions of dollars each year and why it is growing constantly.

Gray hair is a widespread problem and even children can experience this problem. The reason why hair loses its natural color is the loss of melanin.

The good news is that there is a huge range of hair care products that can help people hide gray hair. But, the fact is that most of them provide short effects and some of them are quiet expensive. This is the reason why so many people are relying on some completely natural ways of banishing gray hair.

Natural Hair Dye Method

Short list of the most effective natural hair dye methods


Henna is a compound used for makeup and tattoos for many centuries. It turns out that this product is excellent natural alternative to commercial hair coloring products. It is completely natural and it comes without hydrogen peroxide which is found in every modern hair dye.

This product is semi-permanent and you should know that it takes some time and effort to finish this process. To start with, you should melt the brick in tap water in order to make a paste (which will appear and feel like mud). This paste must be used while you are in the shower.

In order to see the effects you should wait between one and six hours. We must say that the results are decent, but the truth is that you can’t expect to witness the same results from this natural hair dye as the ones provided by regular hair dyes.

Drink Coloring

Now here’s a natural hair dye method that will probably sound a little bit weird to many people, but it actually works. There are many different drinks that can help you dye your hair. For example, take some tea or coffee. If you want to get dark nuance on your locks, you will find these drinks very efficient.

Just brew the tea or coffee very strong and apply it as a rinse. There are many people who claim that the effects were amazing. In addition, you can also use Kool-Aid. The fact is that these drinks don’t contain harmful peroxide and any other harmful ingredient, so your hair will remain healthy.

Recipes for excellent hair color

Finally, there is one simple and easy natural hair dye recipe that will help you remove that gray color from your head. Create a smooth mixture that includes four lemons (unpeeled), 200 ml (about 1 cup) of flaxseed oil, 1/2 pound (1 kg) of organic honey and three garlic cloves. Keep this mixture in the fridge. Instead of applying it directly on your hair, just eat this mixture.

Just eat one tablespoon of this mixture prior to a meal twice a day. You are probably wondering how this mixture can help you bring back your natural hair color. The fact is that there are many different reasons why our hair turns gray. Stress, genetics and disease are some of these reasons.

When you consume this mixture you are triggering increased production of melanin in the body. This means that the gray hair will be replaced with natural colored hair and your locks will become more vibrant. Of course, gray hair is still alive, but doesn’t have any pigments and usually looks and feels frizzy.

By using this mixture you will reverse this process and you will achieve this in a completely natural way.

Scientific studies have confirmed that this natural remedy can boost the hair and on top of that it can boost your vision too. It has positive effects on the skin which means that the signs of aging will be neutralized.

Finally, this remedy doesn’t bring any side effects. So, use this natural hair dye remedy regularly and enjoy your smooth and attractive natural hair color.

Via: PositiveMed | HealthExtremist

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